Utensils, every kitchen has them. Some are good, some, not as good. Whilst we’re in the habit of creating beautiful fitted kitchens here at Stefano De Blasio Kitchens, we know that the kitchen is not only the heart of the home but also where our food gets prepared thus, having the right utensils can make all the difference to great meals and cooking safely as well. 

So we’ve scoured the internet, tried lots of different kitchen utensils and even spoken to the experts who cook daily for large and small families to see what they recommend and what you should definitely not live without. 

Which kitchen utensils make the cut? Here are the selections that you shouldn’t live without. 

1. Measuring cups

Many UK based recipes don’t use cups, but they have become more common. The good thing to know however is that most measuring cups today come with metric measurements and even display dual information so that you never get confused with what size of utensil you should be using. If you bake a lot, these are really handy and stop you having to get out the scales everytime. 

Kitchen Utensils to have in the home, measuring cups
We know your draw won’t be this organised… no one’s is.

2. A Y-Peeler

Every great tradesman – no matter the trade – has great tools. The Y-Peeler is that tool that every great, and non-great alike can do with. Not only are they the simplest utensil to use, they are ergonomic and for less than £6, you could spend money on a lot worse. 

3. Mixing bowls

So far, the suggestions have been simple so why change that with our third choice, mixing bowls? Apart from being a baker’s best friend, they come in handy for when it comes to making pasta, such as a carbonara (egg mix in one bowl) or even preparing salads. We recommend that you grab a few and mix up the sizes as well because they can be so versatile and handy. 

4. Hand blenders

For those who love to create heartwarming soups, gazpacho, juice blends or just enjoy destroying vegetables and fruit into an immune boosting smoothie, the hand blender is arguably one of the best utensils on the market to do the damage. Easy to store, easier to clean and even easier to take places if you need to, a great kitchen utensil that can be used daily and not gather dust. This version has a whisk attachment which doubles up to perfect your whisking game!  

5. Citrus Squeezers

If you love fish, if you love meat, if you love pasta’s or even baking, you don’t need an excuse to have a citrus squeezer but then again, why do you need an excuse to have one. They are perfect for extracting juice from citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and limes. Whether you bake or create haute-cuisine you get the most juice from the freshest (& sometimes not freshest) fruits minimising waste. The best thing about a citrus squeezer is that you don’t cover your hands in juice or inadvertently get lemon juice in the eye. Ouch. 

6. Bench Scraper/Dough cutter

If you’re getting into creating sourdough masterpieces, making your own pasta, crafting pastry lined desserts then this is the kitchen utensil for you. The bench scraper/dough cutter. A dual use utensil that is perfect for not only cutting up dough but also perfect for scraping up vegetables after chopping, dough mix that is stuck on the work surface and so on. Easy to handle, gentle on your work surfaces and safer than a knife at cutting your dough. 

Courtesy of Chow Hound

7. The Wooden Spoon

We’re used to the wooden spoon in Italian households. They are not only for cooking your favourite ragú, minestrone and pasta dishes, they are also handy for dishing out playful threats… Feared and revered, the wooden spoon is your go-to kitchen friend and partner in crime. Grab a few, and use them to prepare every dish that you can think of. 

8. Chopping boards

It’s safe to say that if you have a new kitchen, an old kitchen, a bespoke fitted kitchen that the last thing you want to do is ruin your work surface. You want to be able to chop away at your vegetables, fish, meats and other ingredients in peace of mind. That’s why a chopping board is essential. Make sure you get a set, like this from Joseph Joseph where you have meats and veg separated and colour marked so you don’t get confused. They are safe, dishwasher proof as well. 

9. Chef’s Knife & Sharpener

A popular gift for a new kitchen is a chef’s knife and set but really, what you want to invest in is a good knife. There’s a whole different guide on what a good chef’s knife should be but finding one that is easy to handle, has a larger blade and got good balance is essential. Something like a Santuko knife is a popular option, but spend the time finding a knife that is good for you. 

The only other thing you want to be mindful of is keeping your knives sharp. Invest in a good knife sharpener to ensure that your well-invested knife is looked after properly. 

10. Kitchen Tongs

Yes, kitchen tongs. Perfect for pasta, turning meats in a griddle pan, tossing vegetables and so on. Silicon coated ends are ideal as they can withstand high temperatures and are easier to use than some of the more metallic varieties. 

11. Fish Spatula 

You’d be amazed to know that the fish spatula doesn’t just turn fish… it’s also for lots of other cooking and yes, it is used a lot in the De Blasio kitchen. Long, wide and sharp edge is perfect for eggs, meats, vegetables and… slicing brownies in trays, transferring pizza slices onto plates and so on. A really good purchase for the kitchen. 

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