The humble shaker kitchen celebrates over 50 years of design and function this year. We’ve seen them all over the years, from glossy interpretations to MDF shaker wraps and even painted shaker designs. 

Now we, at Stefano De Blasio Kitchens & Interiors absolutely love the shaker kitchen. Our showroom has several stunning ones on display, all with different finishes and features that you can see for yourself as soon as you enter. 

We wanted to celebrate the shaker kitchen with a list of reasons why we think you need to consider shaker for 2020!

1. They are timeless… again

Like our grey kitchen feature just a few weeks ago, timeless design is something that we should all cherish, and the shaker kitchen does just that. It doesn’t need to be flash, it needs to look like it belongs in your home, and continue looking that way. 

2. You can see the quality

Shaker kitchens do not hide mistakes very well, whatsoever. So when you buy a shaker kitchen, you are buying quality at a very bare minimum. 

Reasons for Shaker Kitchen 2020

3. There’s more than one shaker style

Have you ever looked at a shaker kitchen and wondered if it is actually a shaker style door? Well, you wouldn’t be the only one to get confused by this as the door style and shape has many variations, all of which can be admired and utilised in a kitchen. 

You have in-frame, you have beaded, you have standard. Each provides their own uniqueness which can accentuate a kitchen design for different reasons. 

4. It’s never boring

Because you can have so many different variations, the shaker kitchen never gets truly boring. There is so much you can do, so don’t think you are limited. 

5. They can be decorated with traditional accessories

The thing with a shaker kitchen is that they can be decorated with traditional accessories and colours that would give a truly unique and beautiful style to your kitchen space. From bold brass handles to even golden styling accoutrements, if you’re looking for that touch of classical styling, the shaker kitchen lets you happily play in that interior design space. 

6. They can also be modernised… 

If you were looking for a shaker kitchen but feel that they are too classical, just know that they can be maximised to look modern without any difficulty. Whether it is the choice of colour/colours or whether it is the lighting accessories you choose, they can fit the modern styled home just as well as a traditional styling as well. 

7. They look great in bold colours 

One of the main advantages of going with a shaker kitchen is that bold colours work really well! Whether it is anthracite or dark grey, teal or even heather – like our new range, what really stands out is how a bold colour can make the look and feel of the kitchen really work. 

8. They are perfect for mix and match

One of the big kitchen trends that we saw last year was the mix and match design, and we have to say that not only is it timeless as a look, but when it is done in shaker, it looks truly outstanding. 

One of the big combinations last year was limestone wall units with anthracite base units. Expect to see more of the same for 2020, with some possible new colours introduced including dark greys and soft purples! 

9. They work with any worktop

The point of a shaker kitchen is that they can work with any type of worktop. Whether it is quartz, granite, neolith or even wooden worktops, a shaker design can elevate any choice of top or even sit comfortably in the look and feel of the kitchen as a whole. 

10. They work beautifully with all sorts of lighting

Whether it is natural light or artificial, a shaker kitchen can work with all sorts of light as the door design produces beautiful colours, shadowing and contours. What that effectively means is that when there is lots of natural light, the door won’t have a “bleached look” and if instead you need lots of artificial light, the door will take on its own look and feel in each room. 

11. They are versatile with materials

Are you looking for a painted wooden finish? Are you searching for something a little more modest? Do you want an MDF wrapped style? Most of the shaker ranges across the market are done with different materials to suit budget… 

12. It matches your budget! 

Whether you are looking to spend on painted wooden finishes, inframe designs like ours with the exclusive Charles Renne Mackintosh range or you wanted to save money with the door material and opt for something more to your budget, the shaker kitchen gives you that versatility. It not only looks great, but helps your pocket as well. 

13. It looks great, no matter the size of your kitchen 

When it comes to the size of your kitchen and the style of your kitchen, it can matter. That is why the shaker kitchen is one of the most versatile designs that you can own in your home. Whatever the space and design you have to play with, you can with this kitchen look and feel. 

Do you have space for an island unit? Is your room a galley style kitchen? Whatever the answer, you have solutions with a shaker design as it matches different styles and environments to a tee. 

Shaker Kitchen Ideas for 2020 | Stefano De Blasio Kitchens

So, thirteen reasons to have a shaker kitchen and that’s not all. We think that there are hundreds of reasons to choose this timeless classic in design. If you’re still not sure though, why not come to our showroom to look at different colours, finishes, materials and see if the shaker design would look great in your kitchen. 

Don’t know where we are? Click on the following link to get directions. 

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