Today’s blog post is all about food and music. You may be wondering why, but your kitchen is a creative place, and when you choose your kitchen from Stefano De Blasio Kitchens & Interiors (or somewhere else – we don’t know why) you aren’t just buying a piece of furniture, you’re creating your dream living space. The kitchen is after all, a place where you go for food, parties, family time and more. With more people playing tunes from built in speakers or the trusted kitchen radio, we wanted to investigate a little further this beautiful relationship.

From the humm of the oven to the chopping of herbs, the kitchen is encompassed through a cacophony of sound, add to that a soundtrack of the radio or your selected playlist and you can be instantly transported away to other places, other times.  Basting to Mississippi blues, beating to new age funk, pummelling dough whilst Mozart orchestrates in the background or pouring your cup of tea to Ken Bruce on Radio 2 is of course nothing new. Music and food go hand in hand. Your kitchen is just a creative buzz of ideas, art and sound.

Music is however, personal. Your soundtracks match your cooking style, your music selection can make your guests feel welcome; sometimes, even the buzz of the Archers on Radio 4 can keep you entertained whilst trying a new dish from the magazine cut out, or digital recipe delivery straight to your inbox. Modern technology, hey!

So how do you fill your cooking with a soundtrack that works for you? After all, those into The Prodigy may have a different take of home comfort to those who listen to Miles Davis; that’s normal by the way.

Being inspired in the kitchen is a completely organic thing, so one of the tips that we could say is; keep it natural, as in, let it just happen. From home cooks to professional chefs, you’d be surprised at what music inspires you and gets you into the mood when it comes to cooking.

Take for example Noma head chef and owner, René Redzepi. He is genuinely, a Metallica fan, therefore it was no surprise when he got Lars Ulrich, the drummer, to do the forward of his now, famous cookbook. He wouldn’t be the only Metallica fan of course. Dave Philpott of Paternoster Chop House is equally a fan of the heavy metal genre and turns up the music pre-service with records from Nine Inch Nails and Green Day to get into the service mood.

Michelin star food, brought to you from the land of heavy metal, and even heavier drum beats it seems.

So what is the choice for the home cooks? A quick survey conducted by Stefano and his team pointed out, Jazz, Soul and Dance music to be the most popular when plating up for the evening.

Upbeat, good tempo music provides people with a natural timing and coordination in and around the kitchen; there is even science backing this up. Chefs like Heston Blumenthal experiment with sound for their customers but prefer to keep noise in the kitchen to a minimum. His minimalist, experiment driven kitchen laboratory is nothing like a home setting however.

So what would feature on our playlist? A mixture of a few tracks really. From Jose Feliciano (Light My Fire) to Ludovico Einaudi (Nuvole Bianche), Santa Esmeralda (Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood) to Pearl Jam (Yellow Ledbetter) and these would just be a few.

What kind of music do you listen to when you’re cooking or hosting? Who would you recommend for a personalised playlist? We’d love to know.

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