We’re back and it’s been a while since we did our monthly supper club featurette, so low and behold, it is our honour to bring to you the best of February food in our February supper club.

For those coming off the back of Veganuary and dry January let us applaud you, you’ve been brave; braver than we could have ever been. For some, it would mark the turning point of being more mindful about what they eat, for others, a self-inflicted purgatory after, a self inflicted eating bonanza of the December month.

So let us take you on a journey in February Supper Club with a mixture. A few of the things that we can enjoy and feel guilt free and a few of the things where we can safely say, it was worth the extra calories.

So let us begin, as ever, with some starter dishes.

No February Supper Club would be worth mentioning if we didn’t discuss mussels. Now is the time to get plenty of zinc and minerals as well as great lean protein through fish from such a delicious ingredient.

The safe, calorie scared variety would be to steam off a fresh batch in some cooking stock, garlic, chilli and served with a slice of lemon. That’s great, but then there are some more unctuous recipes we could try. Spiced saffron and mussel soup is a flavoursome dish that brings out the gourmet cuisine maker in you. Mixing shallots, chilis, saffron, double cream, it’s not for the faint hearted but provides a fulsome soup flavour that is worth the effort.

February is a time for home growers to start cultivating their crop, so we have to look to some real gems that were planted towards the end of last year to make our main dishes truly special. One such gem is the Jerusalem artichoke.

February Supper Club

This nutty tasting root vegetable is something that cannot be missed from your plates. Jerusalem artichoke, pear, brazil nut & goat’s cheese salad is a perfect example of a dish that combines everything into one and is packed with flavour, nutrients and lifts some of the more boring and monotonous salads many of us were having throughout January.

Whilst venison can still be sourced, we wanted to focus a little bit more at February’s other gem, the mackerel. Containing lots of Omega 3 which is great for joints, your hair, heart health and other amazing nutrients, it’s also so versatile to cook that you can enjoy it in lots of different ways.

For example, this smoked mackerel and gooseberry salad is not only stunning, it’s easy, fast and tastes light and fresh, yet with a certain acidity that we all loved on first taste. The second mackerel dish is warm smoked mackerel, apple and chorizo salad. A flavour combination that is, quite honestly flawless; it’s our must-try recipe for anyone that wants something new, different and faultless as a fish salad dish. (You could use vegetarian chorizo if you wanted to keep this as a pescatarian meal).

There is one root ingredient that February should be all about for you dessert choices… rhubarb. No February Supper Club would be worth its salt if it didn’t include rhubarb. For those that grow it in their garden, you may have been taken over with the vegetable, especially with the warm autumn we had so here are two recipes we think you need to, lighten the load a little.

The first is a traditional lattice style pie which combines, rhubarb, vanilla and almond to give you a flaky dessert that you won’t forget in a hurry. The second is a combination for those that were very well behaved in January, rhubarb and amaretti crumbles which, take the beauty of a standard crumble and give them an Italian twist. We know a thing or two about that ;

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