May has passed, June begins and with that our supper club returns under a less auspicious start than the same time last year. Can you believe that this is our second June that we are doing our monthly Supper Club feature?

Many people ask “why do you do so much food stuff on your site and Facebook page?” We’ve always said that the kitchen is the heart of the home but what we want to do is inspire not only your kitchen designs and talk about all things kitchen but food plays such a vital role.

Studies have shown that a good, well balanced diet leads to better overall health, lower rates of type II diabetes and that communal cooking and eating, so having set dinner times where everyone is sat around the dinner table or kitchen island to eat leads to better social behaviour.

Basically, we become better physically and mentally, and we think that is as good as any reason to talk about food, sharing, and your kitchen goals.

So what does June hold in store for food lovers of the family?

What’s on the ingredients menu?
Summer fruits are finally blossoming, we even saw a great fruit picking farm not that far from us in Stamford Bridge which we shall be checking out! Sorry, ingredients, well we also see the start of great summer vegetables hitting our plate such as french and broad beans as well as a wide selection of freshly reared meats like lamb and a wide selection of game.

Lake fished mackerel is in season as well as chicory being the vegetable of the month!

There is also a wide selection of freshly reared meats like lamb and a wide selection of game as well as lake fished mackerel which is wonderful grilled on the barbecue and served with even a simply aioli and chargrilled chicory, which is also a great seasonal vegetable this month.

If there were a time to show off some serious BBQ skills, now would be the perfect time. You see with mackerel and vegetables in season, a basic olive oil marinade and hot coals make for a simple starter and main combination, but luckily, we do have some additional ideas to get you going.

Bruschetta for example are a perfect starter. This broad bean variety with goats cheese is a fantastic starter and allows you to get more comfortable with your grill and great flavour combinations as well.

June Supper Club

Alternatively, if you were looking for something a little less carbohydrate, then this radish salad is fresh, tangy and perfectly in season. It brings together buttermilk and a variety of vegetables perfect for this time of the year to have something that little bit different.

As we said at the beginning there are so many great ingredients to choose from this June, lamb being the big flavour this month, but there is also one seafood ingredient that you could really enjoy and if you’re lucky to get your hands on one, then you want to try two of the following recipes. That ingredient is lobster.

There are local vendors in Chester as well if you travel a little further up north, you could arrange to pre-order a fresh one and they are a great family meal and dinner party piece and you’ll see why with our recipe choices.

The first dish is lobster spaghetti with tomato, ginger and basil; it’s got a sense of unctuousness, all we can say is, make sure you use the pasta water to help emulsify the sauce flavours! (If you can’t get your hands on lobster, then June is a prime month for shellfish like clams and crayfish).  The second dish is a great one from the states, the connecticut roll! It’s boiled lobster finished in a roll. It’s great!

For lamb lovers, well these two recipes should suit! Slow-cooked Moorish lamb with buttermilk dressing became a De Blasio home favourite last year. Perfect for those wanting to experiment and yes, we even did ours over the coals slow roasting for several hours; it’s perfect for a summer’s day! The second dish we have chosen is, Butterflied leg of lamb with rosemary salt and slow-roasted tomato salad. Much like the first one, it’s a simple yet classical dish. It really works on so many levels and is one to try this year if you haven’t already.

It’s the time for summer fruits and so we’re going to leave the recipes to speak for themselves, we’ll even do a nice video feature for some recipe ideas in the next few days.

This chocolate and raspberry pavlova from Nigella Lawson is certainly a great start, but if you’re into white chocolate, then this swiss roll recipe is perfect!

Strawberry lovers can rejoice that there are just over two months to really get their teeth into something so we went for two simple recipes; the first is French strawberry tart which, tastes as good as it looks. The second is another french inspired dish, pain perdu, or stale bread. The syrup which is made to go along with the fresh, punchy strawberries is just perfect as a dessert or even, a brunch recipe idea, definitely one to try.

Finally, fans of gooseberries may not forgive us if we didn’t place a recipe with a simple, yet tasty dish, thus here we go, a gooseberry fool. Thank us later, in the meantime let’s thank June for these great ingredients! 

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