Christmas Pudding Alternatives

Are you scratching your head thinking of the perfect ending to a Christmas day feast this year? Will the traditional Christmas Pudding just not cut it for you or your guests… or both? Are you decidedly un-festive until the very last minute and a store bought variety doesn’t have quite what mama used to make? 

Then fear not because we have some alternatives to make sure your Christmas pudding finale isn’t a flameless flop. 

Whether it is store bought or you’ve decided to become the next Nigella in this least stressful (sarcasm) time of the year, here are some alternatives to your Christmas pudding selection dilemmas. 


You’ve all heard about panettone, you’ve even seen Freddy Flintoff pronounce it weirdly on TV adverts but pandoro is the Christmas pudding alternative that every household should try at least once in their life, if not, multiple times throughout the festivities. 

Think of a pan brioche just lighter, less buttery and tall. Add a sprinkling of confectioners sugar – in the bag provided – and slice away a corner in surgeon precision style. 

To make it requires moulds, proving and lots of patience – trust us when we say this, it’s probably easier to buy it and just enjoy it on the day. Or this could be your metaphorical Everest… it even looks a little like it too! 


Germany is a smorgasbord of sweet treats and delights, so to have an alternative list without mentioning a delight from this country would be criminal! 

That’s why stollen might not be your first choice but it may need to be. We consume cheese, we drink port that has been sat in the same place as it has been for the last year, we have a big feast so something slightly smaller, a little different and definitely sweet is probably the ending we need to a meal. 

If you want one top tip to make your stollen stand out here it comes… grill it. Yes, the sugar melts, the butter as well, and what you’re left with is a beautifully soft, crunchy on the edges and sweet delight! 


Well, why not? Ok, so festivity wise, it’s not the top of the list but a cheesecake that can have the taste of Christmas – think spices not turkey – and you have what could be a new tradition in the home. 

You can make them as indulgent or subtle as you want, but what you do get is something that is sure to be a surprise for those expecting more of the same. 

Why not try one of these three recipes that taste as good as they look. Firstly, there is a festive treat from Poland known as Polish Christmas Cheesecake. If you want something slightly more dinner party themed then this could be the perfect solution for you, Yuzu daiquiri cheesecakes which look as elegant as they are made and finally, want something to really get boozy with? How about this limoncello and white chocolate cheesecake?

Bread and butter pudding!

Christmas means one thing in the kitchen… lots of leftovers. From breakfast snacks we don’t usually eat in the year to things where a different twist would be welcome. Bread and butter pudding is your canvas to experiment and if anything, it’s a simple solution to pudding requirements over the festivities. 

There are some fantastic seasonal varieties, but our favourite has to be done with panettone! This version from Jamie Oliver is a sure winner for you and the family! What about another left-over killer? Well, if you, like everyone else has bought croissants because your eyes were bigger than your belly, here’s the recipe for you, croissant and marmalade bread and butter pudding

Can we come round and have some please? 


If you wanted to really create your own bake off experience – and by that we mean read the instructions wrong, wonder what everyone else is doing, stare into the dark abyss by losing all hope and get choked up when Paul Hollywood says, “it needed longer in the oven” then… making a meringue roulade is for you! 

They’re not too hard to make, they pack lots of flavour and punch and they just look like a festive dessert should; slightly over the top. 

Nutella, hazelnuts and meringue, what more could you ask for? This recipe is for you. How about something with coffee to perk you up? Well, this chocolate and coffee recipe could be just the thing. 

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