Trying to pinpoint the kitchen style trends of a year has always been a task that companies like ours have been tasked with delivering. In 2020, apart from the unmentionable part of it – kitchen trends have remained fairly stable. 

From island units to mix and match colours, the kitchen world hasn’t been shook up much in the last decade. However, there are new things on the horizon and we are starting to see these permeate into lots of different designs. 

In 2021, we are seeing our teams deliver new and bold choices which are available from today. So, what are the kitchen trends for 2021 and can you see these in your home? We asked our design team what they are seeing and here are just a few suggestions. 

1) Painted Green Kitchens
The painted green kitchen found fame in the 1970s, a slight re-birth in the early 90s and some joy in the late 10s. In 2021, expect to see the green kitchen being more popular on Instagram and Pinterest.

“It’s a bolder choice, but a dark green is accomplishing what blue did in 2020 – and a few years beforehand. It’s a great contrast colour but works as a stand alone and possibly even better with exposed oak and lighter wood finishes in the room.”

kitchen trends 2021

2) Smaller kitchens, bigger storage
The days of knocking down walls and creating vast spaces may be behind us if the recent builders reports are anything to go by. Kitchens are getting a bit smaller, but the demands to design a kitchen in a smaller space have experienced designers rubbing their hands with glee. 

“It takes an experienced designer to know what you can and can’t do in these spaces. From island units to storage, everything has to be considered to the final detail. Knowing what you need from a kitchen design is essential, especially in a smaller space. Think storage, think about the magic triangle and think about turning your kitchen into a space that you treasure just as much as the rest of your living space.” 

3) Seamless design
We have spoken for many years about handleless kitchens and how they provide a seamless design. Well, here we go again, handleless kitchens provide a seamless design and they are what designers are pushing in different kitchen styles where possible. 

“The range of handleless kitchens has exploded over recent years. From the letterbox design (now seen on the highstreet) to the angle cut you have so much to choose from. The point is, you want the kitchen to flow from one end to the other. Hiding appliances, clever storage solutions and soft finishes throughout. Choose high quality materials to maximise this look where you can. From the door to the worktops, you want to ensure it all looks seamless.”

4) Taps are a statement piece!
Taps have always been important in a kitchen – let’s face it, they are! But when it comes to kitchen trends, probably less has been made of them than in recent years. 

“Whether it is their colour, their shape or the fact that now the range of hot water taps are on the wish list of many new kitchen buyers, taps are the statement piece. Think about the overall look and feel of your kitchen and then what will suit when it comes to choosing the right tap. By pairing the colour combinations you can get something that looks incredible. 

Kitchen trends, taps for 2021

5) Open shelving
Finally, if there is one kitchen trend that appears to have taken off in 2020 it is the lack of wall cabinets. Open shelving, done minimally, can look stunning in a kitchen space. 

“You need to have lots of storage or an open enough space to make it work. It won’t suit every kitchen plan, but tall cabinets combined with a single open shelving system can look really sharp. We can see why it has become a desire by many, and can even see it take off to a bigger scale in 2021. Use high quality materials to make it look really impressive, skimping in this area is counterproductive.” 

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