Kitchen Trends 2019

It’s hard to believe we are nearly halfway through the year and by the looks of the weather in the last few days, the latest kitchen & home trends would probably involve building a boat of some nature! Yes, whilst the Summer has still yet to arrive – hurry up Summer – we wanted to take a look at the latest kitchen trends of 2019 and see if any of these can add value to your day to day kitchen life!

1. Smart Devices

Smart devices have been around since 2015, yet in the last 4 years they have started to take over homes with a wide variety of uses. From heating to switching on dishwashers and even telling you what’s in the fridge. It is estimated that £10.8 billion will be spent on them in the coming year as the price of household technology drops in price.

Devices like Google Home and Alexa remain the easiest to entry in the market for many people and we know from experience that once you plug in one of these devices, you can’t live without them as easily. From setting timers to boil the perfect egg to playing your favourite music whilst you cook or even get the days headlines – and weather forecast – they easily become indispensable!

Alexa Home Device Trends

2. House Plants

A huge increase in the last few years, especially amongst younger kitchen owners has been the inclusion of house plants into kitchen design trends. From succulents and cacti to more flamboyant varieties, there is no slowing down in the latest interior green thumb revolution of the last few years.

In a market that is estimated to be worth £2.2 billion it’s worth noting that many houseplant owners are opting for varieties that help with blue light air pollution such as mother-in-law’s tongue (Sansevieria) and those with low water requirements. Even brown finger owners can keep these varieties alive!

Home plants SDB

3. Historical design trends  

“If you want to know where you’re going, you need to know where you came from” or something to that nature. In kitchen design trends this couldn’t be truer with a return to some inspiration in the last three years of some major design searches across the internet.

These trends include, patterned tiles (+324%), column radiators (+174%), herringbone flooring (+243%), brass taps (+122%), pendant lights (+104%), Persian rugs (+92%) and freestanding baths (+159%). It seems that home living is taking a general look backwards and taking what we used to love and pairing it with new and fresh approaches in the run up as well.

4. Velvet meets Marble

One of the latest trends in the kitchen is again a bit of a return to the past but marble as a statement piece is really on the rise. Usually found across Europe and North America, we have been a bit shy to have this material in our homes however, the latest research shows that there has been a 279% increase in search volume in the last four years and by the looks of some pinterest boards, we can’t see it slowing down.

The other material that has made it into living trends is velvet! From sofas to the more popular searched for item, chairs, there were just over 100,000 searches in the UK alone for this latest design item. Its versatile, opulent texture opens your living space into something very special!

5. The rise of the bench!

When it comes to space saving and finding a design solution that works for families and individuals alike, there has been one kitchen trend that has stood out from the search data in google – and in the homes that we’re going into, benches!

With modern homes having less space, it makes sense to have a seating arrangement that can be easily adapted to suit a room for different occasions in a quick adjustment. Benches then seem to be the ideal solution and if the search data is anything to go by, there has been an average increase of 89% since June last year.  

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