Whether you have lived in your home for a long time, bought a new property or just looking to renovate an old kitchen; one of the biggest considerations you need to make is, how much budget you have to make things possible. If you have a small budget, and you think a new kitchen is out of reach, have you considered a kitchen facelift?

A kitchen facelift is just precisely that, a facelift. You are getting the benefits of a new kitchen but within a lower cost option to you and certainly in some cases, at a convenience that suits you more than a new installation could bring.

When should you consider a kitchen facelift?
Budget is probably the first time that you come across such an idea. It’s nothing new, and if you think of other white item rooms in your home this is equally a feasible solution. By considering what you want to achieve in your new space, you can identify the opportunities that your kitchen upgrade needs and then consider the necessary adjustments you would need to make.

The second aspect is, are you happy with the current layout? If you’re not having an extension or extensive building work which would transform the space, then you may be happy with adjustments rather than a new kitchen.

The final thing you want to consider is, how are your kitchen units/appliances doing? What we mean by this is, how have they held up with the test of time? Are they in good condition or are they in serious need of improvements? If it is the former, then you could get away with minor aesthetic adjustments, such as new doors, worktops and even flooring solutions.

What can be changed?
You would consider any kitchen facelift as a cosmetic change rather than a major overhaul of your kitchen. That would mean in principle, the following;

  • Your cabinets stayed
  • Your electrical/gas/water inputs don’t need moving
  • You don’t require building work

This leaves a world of opportunities open to what you can have in your new kitchen. The look can be radically changed with a few tweaks including, doors, handles, worktops and flooring solutions.

Replacement doors
This is where choosing the right kinds of doors can make a huge difference to your kitchen look and feel. Do you have a traditional looking kitchen that needs bringing to a more contemporary look? Then this is the fastest, and one of the more cost efficient solutions you could make.


Alternatively, you could have a kitchen where the colour of the doors is not that appealing, or you may have purchased a home which had a red kitchen and you wanted to tone down the look of the room (not that there is anything wrong with a red kitchen!). Going for different colour schemes or style of doors will make a big difference. Switching from handles to handleless will make a big impact.

Change your handles
Well, maybe, like us, you just happen to like a good handle on your kitchen. Maybe the kitchen is only relatively young (less than 24 months old) but you have to either update or replace a handle or two. By taking the time to select the correct type of handles you can change the look of your kitchen quickly.

Upgrade your worktops
Whether it is to granite, quartz, wood or even corian, you want to keep this as a consideration to any kitchen facelift. You will achieve an amazing look and finish in your kitchen area that combined with any other aesthetic adjustments would make your new kitchen area look and feel completely new.

These are just some of the suggestions to get your kitchen looking new and fresh with a few aesthetic tips and tricks. If you’re looking to a get a kitchen facelift or a new kitchen all together, then let us know. Why not book an appointment online and get Stefano and his team to come see what you’re looking to achieve and receive great advice to making this work for you.

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