Earlier this week we spoke about losing wall units, but if you were to choose this particular style or were forced into fewer wall units due to technical limitations the question that needs answering is, “what alternative storage solutions can I have?”

Thanks to the internet, new inventions, old inventions and Instagram envy, we know that there are quite a few things you could do to make the most of space that you thought you lost when you gave up on wall units.

Here are just a few suggestions to alternative storage solutions in the kitchen.

Rails are a perfect alternative solution, especially in those kitchens which are generally suited to the busy entertainer and cook. From small pans to major cooking utensils, it allows for maximum flexibility for those that love to cook and entertain but what it also does is free up space in areas which could be required for more storage or a particular type.

This great example below shows how a rail can be used in a modern setting. The wall units above the magnetic rail are maximising storage space whilst the rail itself is housing day to day spices and utensils. It does it without taking anything away from the kitchen but adds a certain design flare to it at the same time.

This other example is a more common usage of a rail in a kitchen system, above the cooker. With the mix of a traditional style shaker unit and these large Range cookers, the effect is simple yet thoroughly effective.

And then there’s this…

Think about hooks
Much like the rail, hooks are a great way to add a bit of an alternative storage function in the kitchen space. For those who have young children or are looking to make something out of a feature in their kitchen then the hook solution is something that you could consider.

Take this example, this Shaker-style kitchen has hooks which are part of a wall-to-wall ledge. The pegs here are being used to hold cups, but they could even hold utensils or pans, it depends wholely on the workspace.

Corner storage space
From the old school lazy susan’s which, by the way, are popular as ever, to the new form 90 degree right angle pull outs, corner storage has improved over the years.

Gone are the rickety design solutions, in are the solutions which maximise “dead space.” What has happened over the last few years is kitchen design firms have installed straight run kitchens with single angles, what happens is that there is lost space. However, the accessory company’s have found a way to help, maximising the space in lower units in particular has been a priority and what we have is a new way of getting to the corners. Long gone are the days when Five Spice can be only found on moving out day!

This example shows how a kidney shaped pull out utilises storage areas in a corner cabinet, the combination of pull out and pan draws situated next to it means that it has full functional usage and maximises the dead space in the corner, effectively giving you two new units.

This other design feature has been popular, the pantry pull out which in corner units has been developed but for taller housing, this is also a great way of getting additional storage and it makes it easier to adjust for design heights in different kitchen scenarios like the one example below.

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