Another month another opportunity to talk about food and get back to our scheduled program of our supper club with our August edition.

Yes, whilst many will be jetting off to sunny climbs, the weather here has been glorious enough to enjoy the best of what the med can offer in our backyards and kitchens alike. So let us not drag on with holiday envy, because there is nothing to be envious about with this weather and instead lets see what we can prepare this month with our August Supper Club.

What’s on the menu this month?
Large root vegetables like marrow and fennel make for a great seasonal addition to our plates as well as ripe berries perfect for desserts as well as fresh sauces and even salads.

Shellfish such as scallops and fresh water lobster are available at market stalls whilst leafy green vegetables and beetroot also make a welcome return to our dishes. So, let’s see what we can make in the kitchen this month.

Have you been growing tomatoes? This weather would have certainly helped, and with a lot ripening up in this period it’s time we started enjoying them more than a salad or a side dish.

This wonderful gazpacho recipe combines that very thought process with something a little more exoctic. The bloody mary gazpacho with fresh oysters combines so many great flavours, and you could easily omit the oyster or exchange for seared scallops. Either way, this dish brings out fresh, colourful flavours that bring out the best of the historic cocktail.

August gazpacho

If you have been to Santorini however, you may also be familiar with these, tomato fritters. A wonderful combination of tomatoes and mint, deep fried in a soft batter and eaten with lemon wedges and cold dill yoghurt dips.

Visitors to Italy, in particular Liguria will have come across a very traditional pasta dish, trofie. This recipe is a wonderful seasonal homage to the pasta, featuring green beans and new potatoes. Those who visited southern Italy, Puglia in particular would have more than likely enjoyed orecchiette. This wonderful shape soaks up so much flavour that the sauce needs to be light yet have a presence. This recipe then is precisely what you need, Red chilli and broccoli pasta is perfect for the season, and brings beautiful fresh broccoli to be tried this month.

August Pasta

Lamb is also a great ingredient for this time of the time. Travellers to Morocco could enjoy the very dish that we are going to recommend, an easy lamb tagine. This is the kind of dish you want to try this August if for anything in particular, you get to work through store cupboard classics and in some cases, castaways – five spice anyone?

This month, and in particular this August 2018, there are two fruits that you want to work with it, peaches and blackberries. If you can still get your hands on them we would recommend these two dishes for a perfect ending to a family meal or house party!

The first brings out the best of the peach, a beautiful combination of marscapone, rough puff pastry and boozy peaches makes a dish that everyone will want a piece. Save time by buying store bought puff pastry and focus on getting fresh, flavourful peaches to enjoy in the dessert.

August peaches

The second is a dish that tips its metaphorical hat to sloe gin, blackberries and the ever classic crumble. For those that love using an outdoor wood fired oven (and those lucky enough to have one) this is the kind of tray dish that thrives in constant heat for a short period. Alternatively, those who have a gas or electric oven like we do, look for the fan setting and get baking.

These are our selections for this month. If the kids are already driving you crazy, fear not, not long to go until they are back and you’re having to think about Christmas! Have a great August feast and let us know what is on your menu!

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