August. Whether you’re jetting off for a week or two or enjoying the usual summer fayre that is the August holidays there is one thing that is for sure; August is a time when you start to shell out on barbecue food, shared platters and develop a taste for the “get together” with friends and family.

August is also a time that you will be looking at different things in and around your home, like your kitchen and deciding whether or not to upgrade; well, never fear, we are all ears if you want to visit our Chester based showroom or you can give us a call on 01244 335 994 to discuss any kitchen ideas with us.

But, let us get back to our supper club and let us find the right menu for this brilliant time of the year, here is what we have in mind.

What are the ingredients on the menu?

The final berries are being picked which make for great sauces and interesting side dishes as well as marvellous desserts, whilst those larger root vegetables like marrow and fennel are also being discovered in abundance this month.

From red peppers to a selection of seasonal fish such as scallops, this is a perfect month for experimenting with a few new flavour combinations and getting some lovely dishes together. Get a pen and paper and take some notes on some of the dishes we’ve found for your August dining pleasure.

Aubergine is perfect at this time of the year and makes for some lovely starter dishes as well as mains. Baba Ghanoush is a great finger food and whilst it might not be a starter, this variation is sure to give you a healthy and refreshing kick and will make you and your guests happy with the smoky flavour that the aubergine provides.  

Pair this lovely dish with a dry Zinfandel or earthy Malbec to really bring out some delicious flavours.

If you wanted to go with something a little more exotic, although, it’s really not, why not try this wonderful Michael Caine recipe for pan fried scallops and cauliflower puree’. It has all the heartiness of a great starter whilst the cauliflower puree will make you experiment with a few different techniques as well.

We know, a lot of you want to just have a barbecue, slap a burger on the grill or better yet, a whole chicken with a can of lager as it’s stuffing and we get that, so we won’t disappoint you, here is a great recipe for beer can chicken that you can try out.

august barbecue

It is however August, and we know that a lovely meal is still going to be on the list of things to achieve this summer.

Let’s start light. Let’s go for a lovely salad which can be made with lots of the seasonal vegetables from August pickings. From beetroot to sweetcorn, peas and beans and yes, aubergines there is a lot to go with. This smoked salmon with beetroot parsnip rosti is a great example of fresh ingredients paired together to make a stunning dish.

If however, you wanted to go for something a little more, hearty, then this James Martin recipe for venison pie with red onion marmalade takes stock of the seasonal meats that we also have available this August time.

Finally, we couldn’t have an August segment without mentioning pasta and courgette, which is perfect at this time of the year. This dish is simple, fast and will be a go to this August and possibly September if you want it to be. Caramalised courgette pasta, it’s a family favourite.

There are two great seasonal fruits which will give us great desserts as well as turning to the last of the picks for blueberries and blackberries; apples and peaches.

That’s right, we’re getting close to homemade apple crumble and apple pie, but we think the real star is the peach. Not only will be using it as a makeshift sangria but we will be enjoying it with whipped cream, poached and yes, even in a summertime dessert pie.

So here are our selections; a delicious peach and marzipan tart which can be whipped up faster than checking your Facebook feed! Our second choice for the ice cream lovers is this, Lemon verbena ice cream with poached peaches. Finally, for those that love the thought of a hot dessert, then this, will not only test you, but it will be a taste sensation, quick peach tatin!

These are our selections for this month. Have a great August feast and let us know what is on your menu!

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