If the internet, and social media is anything to go by, then we’ve all been the keenest of banana bread bakers, and bakers in general during this lockdown. From friends who don’t know how to bake to the seasoned professionals showing us all how it is done, we’ve become obsessed, you could say! 

According to Google Trends, “searches for banana bread have gone up 84% in the UK in the last 30 days, and 54% worldwide” – according to Refinery29. Grazia has even asked psychotherapists why we’ve all become obsessed with baking banana bread… Grazia. 

It seems that a mixture of comfort food, something sweet and relatively basic to bake have made us yearn for a slice of banana bread. 

And it’s not just banana bread we have all taken to. Baking bread, making classic cakes and even starting a sourdough starter, we’re all it! 

With that in mind, we thought we’d take a quick look at the recipes out there. You can try and bake at home during this lockdown and spend time in the kitchen making something you really enjoy, with a few alternatives as well. 

Everyone is doing it…

There are lots of great recipes online for banana bread and whilst the idea of buying bananas to turn them near on black is counter-intuitive, the general easiness of creating the bake is something we can all try without too much fuss. 

BBC Good Food has seen a huge spike in traffic generally but their banana bread section has really increased in the last fortnight with a suspected increase by 203%. 

What if you don’t have eggs? It’s a problem that some of us are facing. This recipe from the lazy cat kitchen gives us the alternative we have been craving. 

Finally, if you have all the ingredients and love a baking session, then this from Felicity Cloake is the ultimate banana bread bake that you will ever need. 

banana bread by Felicity Cloake
Photo Courtesy of The Guardian

It all starts with… sourdough starters

We’ve been witnessing many people getting to grips with their sourdough starters, calling them all sorts of names – it’s a thing don’t you know – and then, ultimately, failing. 

Sourdough starters require time, patience and a bit of knowledge but don’t fear because, the internet has the solution. This video from Food52 gives you all the information you need to start your sourdough starter, and make you feel good about life. 

If you want a different take, but still, a great instructional video then Alex The Frenchman goes all whimsical in his instructional guide. Plus, his follow up video to make the perfect sourdough loaf needs to be witnessed. 

Sourdough isn’t just for bread… 

Once you get used to making a starter, you can create lots of different bakes. Are you missing a good cinnamon roll? You can create your own with a fresh sourdough starter. This recipe from the clever carrot is just what you need. 

What about fresh croissants that you can make for yourself? Sourdough starters are just part of the equation in this great recipe. Check out this easy recipe on the Home Grown Happiness channel on YouTube. 

And what about the ultimate breakfast treat that doesn’t take a day to rise and prove? Well, with leftover sourdough starter, you can make sourdough pancakes and waffles! This great recipe gives you everything you need to get started in making a real treat for the whole family. 

Don’t forget to make a sourdough loaf!

With dry yeast being so hard to come by, a sourdough starter has seen a lot of people searching for recipes. Google Trends reports an increase of over 300% in the last two weeks alone. 

Remember Alex The French Guy from before? His starter needs to be watched but his recipe for the perfect loaf is something we can all get behind. His video is the perfect companion in making the perfect loaf – he even explains different flour types and how this has an effect on baking. 

If you want to read about sourdough loaves, then this recipe from Olive Magazine is the perfect starting place.

These are just some suggestions to get baking during the lockdown. If there were a time you wanted to spend in the kitchen, now is the time to try your hand at making something you may never have baked before or want to get better at, banana bread included! 

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