Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, and when you throw style into the mix you want to be sure that you are achieving the best in bespoke touches and finishes. How is that possible in today’s modern kitchen environment and is it something you should be searching for?

“Everyone has a preferred way of living and cooking in their kitchen, there is no real prescribed design element that you must have. However one of the big considerations that you can make is looking at how to bespoke your final design to suit your needs.” Stefano De Blasio. “Of course one of the biggest design developments in the last five years has been the minimalist kitchen. This is where crafting a bespoke kitchen and finish really comes into their own.”

Where does bespoke come from?
As GQ eloquently put it, “it means the opposite of off the rack.” It has been used from fashion houses to design laboratories. Kitchen companies use the word a lot but not every kitchen is bespoke. “You need to differentiate between bespoke design and bespoke product” said Stefano recently. “Product ranges tend to not be bespoke in the kitchen world. Bespoke design however is more accurate.”

Take for example a square room. You could send in five kitchen companies and whilst the majority of designs will have some design similarities, after all, how many different ways can you design a kitchen in a square room, that doesn’t mean that the designs won’t also have features which are unique. You may get a kitchen company that prefers a bank kitchen and island unit. Another company may prefer a U shape design, another a peninsula island unit and so on.

Designing bespoke means adding design touches that render your kitchen unique for it’s environment, it’s an industry faux pas to call things bespoke when you only talk about materials, but when it comes to design it’s a different matter.

The Minimalist kitchen
Think of nordic noir and you start to appreciate the minimalist look and feel. It’s very clean and suits the modern kitchen stylings and doors.

“Handleless was the game changer just a few years ago, although handleless has been around since the 1970’s when I was first designing and installing kitchens. What has changed is the material shape, colour and finish. It means that the clean, minimalist look is easier to achieve.”


Of course, the whole essence of minimalism has taken a step forwards in the last few years. Pioneered by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, these pioneers of the minimalist movement have shown that minimalism is not only a design function but a lifestyle; one where consumerism doesn’t take over and pride in quality over quantity is key. Everything has a purpose rather than ten things having a venn diagram of purpose, if that makes sense.

Gadgetry could fall under both the minimalist lifestyle as well designing around your bespoke kitchen needs.

For example, you could have a built in coffee station into your wall cupboards rather than a stand alone coffee station or even a kettle. “One of the big minimalist design focuses in the kitchen has been the introduction of a hot water tap. Some models have a filter feature, others a steam accessory.”

By clearing your tops of gadgets you start to achieve that bespoke minimalist style. You can incorporate, as previously mentioned, into cupboards. But also, draw storage and cupboard pull outs are good design features to think about in your bespoke design.

Pick the right style of door
Not everything has to be handleless, sometimes, depending on how you live and cook in a kitchen, a handleless feature can be difficult in function terms and you compromise your comfort if it isn’t the style for you.

Luckily, minimalism doesn’t have to be something you’ve seen on TV or in a glossy magazine, especially if your bespoke kitchen design is something that you’re investing your time and money in. “Think about a framed door with a beautiful chrome handle. Here, the big element will be colour and light as they will help with the overall look and finish of the home room in the long run.”

Focus on one bespoke element

This could be integrated spice racks around your cooker, or it could be the choice of worktop or even how you store your beautiful cooking books, from that build out design features that minimise their own impact to make these other unique elements stand out.

“Think of your showpieces as that, showpieces. Anything else then can be brought into your bespoke design and fulfil your minimalist brief. If you do too much, getting that minimal design focus can be hard.”

A little bit of thinking and a even a little more thought in bespoke finishes can mean that your minimalist kitchen designs can have a real impact in your home kitchen.

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