When it comes to the festive holidays there are some major guarantees. Food, drink, family, family arguments over TV rights/growing pains and well, the TV. That’s right, with over 100m hours expected to be spent in front of the TV screen this Christmas, it got us thinking, will Die Hard be on Christmas eve, or Christmas day? But more importantly we asked ourselves the question, “what are the best films that feature kitchens?”

That’s right, whether it is a Christmas film or one you meant to watch this year or a repeat, we can be assured to see the heart of the home featured at some point. In fact, set designers and production engineers are tasked with finding homes that have the “right look” kitchen.

Take for example the Diane Keaton film, The Family Stone. Set in a house built in 1860, Greenwich, Connecticut it cuts the shape of a traditional, large family home. The kitchen plays a massive role in the film to chastise the the new addition to the family, a long term girlfriend of one Diane Keaton’s character, Sybil.

So what films can inspire your next kitchen choice? We have a few ideas.

1) As Good As It Gets
This is not a Christmas Film, however, the kitchen in this particular cinematographic masterstroke is, in it’s own unique way, a masterpiece. The framed painted white door with bold handles, black granite worktops and an island unit that unites the eating and preparation area together is stunning. This kitchen remains one of the most googled kitchen images and we can see why.

Film kitchens As Good As it Gets

2) Under The Tuscan Sun
This too, is not a Christmas film, but, the kitchen that features in this feel good film is inspiration worthy if not to give you a sense of ‘how the Italians do it’ although, Stefano knows a thing or two about that. For your slice of the Tuscan sun, this kitchen features a stately shaker painted door, big AGA cooker, marble worktops, a warming drawer and a wine rack that will keep any host and guest very happy.

Film Under Tuscan Sun

3) Something’s Gotta Give
Jack Nicholson hasn’t received an award for starring in ‘the films with the best kitchens’ but if he were to, surely this would be on the list. Like the first on our list, this stunning East Coast kitchen has it all, in frame ivory featured door, bold handles, a massive stove and subway style tiles. Oh, and the island unit is spectacular as well.

Film Somethings Gotta Give

4) The Kitchen From Modern Family
So it is neither a Christmas film, or a film to be precise, but the kitchens selected for the hit US TV series, Modern Family have led design trends in the last two years and we can see why. Space for an American fridge freezer, island unit, breakfast counter, dining area, mix colour of grey and red high gloss doors and that is just one of them! Jay and Gloria, we salute your, and your production company’s taste.

Film Modern Family

5) The Kids Are Alright
Well, what makes a Christmas film without it obviously stating it is? This Mark Ruffalo/Julianne Moore film is everything that a Christmas film should be, without it being set at Christmas. What about the kitchen? Another, white, in frame door with a beautiful preparation unit that has wooden worktops whilst the rest of the kitchen has granite. The breakfast bar area is beautifully crafted and lit.

Film_ Kids

Which films, Christmas or not, have great kitchens that we should know about? We’d love to hear your thoughts, get in touch today!


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