Whether you are going through a complete alteration of your kitchen and dining space, or just replacing your kitchen with a fully fitted solution, then the quest for your kitchen to look bigger is one that designers and homeowners are constantly searching for.

Bigger means more space to do the things that matter. From great feasts, to home cooking, doing the homework or work work, the kitchen is the heart of the family home. A bigger kitchen, whether that is physically possible or if it is created through clever design is something we should always look to have, even if we are applying a few simple tips and tricks.

So what are the keys to creating a bigger looking kitchen in the home, here are our top five tips.

Reduce worktop clutter
One of the first things that anyone can do is actually look at how the worktop space is being currently used. Even before you go for a new kitchen or design, is there something that you could do in reducing the amount of hardware from the tops. Think coffee machines, mixers, processors and kitchen trinkets.

If you have a particularly small kitchen this is something that would help greatly, whilst those with middle to larger sizes would benefit from in a quick aesthetic way.

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Opt for a modern design and finish
One of the larger aesthetic measures you can take is looking at the design and in particular, finish of the kitchen you are opting for. What we mean by this is selecting a door and colour style that is much more about a minimalist take on kitchen styling and finishes.

Things like gloss handleless doors and flat painted wooden doors with handle inserts instead of traditional handles will bring an open and aesthetic feel to your kitchen. It will also stop you getting your clothes caught on handles and make living in that space appear to be bigger as well.

Reduce wall cabinets if possible
One of the big aesthetic advantages you can gain from having fewer wall cabinets is that your kitchen will appear to be bigger at first impact.

By keeping your eye line fixed on the lower cabinets, the space that is created up top can really make the space feel open and in smaller kitchens, especially those with little natural light, this could be the solution to helping you with getting that sensation of space.

Move to slimline appliances
We all love big American style fridges and we all think that a dishwasher needs to be at least 600mm but we know that these are big space grabbers. So maybe we need to think about how we use our appliances and opt from more space conscious design.

A slimline dishwasher at 450mm has great capacity and fits into modern, family kitchens with ease. You could opt for a slimline fridge freezer, or if you have the space, why not put the freezer in the garage or have both as under-mounted solutions.

Choose a light and open colour scheme
Whether this is your kitchen door, the worktop or the room itself, the colours you select have an impact on how big and how spacious your kitchen can look. We’ve seen kitchens over the years that thanks to some colour choices have felt quite closed. Darker colours certainly have an impact, especially where there is little natural light.

Keep to softer, lighter colour palettes if your room struggles with natural light and turn to design professionals to give advice on colour combinations between materials. Flooring, walls and worktops will either complement or fight against your kitchen door selection.

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