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2019 Kitchen Trends – Mid Year Report

viagra generic How does VIAGRA work? VIAGRA is a prescription medication that includes a daily pill called Ancillary Analgesic. This medication is also known as the ‘analgesic-like pill.’ When taking VIAGRA, you‡ll get a taste for the feeling of pleasure when you feel an erection. That‡s why you’ll get intense feelings ‡of relief’ within six […]

2020 September Supper Club

It’s pretty safe to say, what a year 2020 has been. Admittedly, half of our best laid plans have taken a back seat but we would like to take a moment to thank all of our customers who have supported us at this time.  This September we were going to start our cooking demonstrations but […]

What Are The Timescales On A New Kitchen?

When people come for a new kitchen, one of the first questions they ask is, “what are the timescales on getting this completed?” It’s an important question and one we want to address in today’s blog post.  So we are going to take you through the standard timescales of purchasing and installing a new kitchen […]

Anthracite Kitchens, A Guide

One look at kitchen inspiration over the last five years and there will be one colour that truly stands out, anthracite. It has been used across different styles, shapes and applications all across the kitchen spectrum.  With more providers choosing to use this colour in their kitchen displays and offerings, we at Stefano De Blasio […]

High Street Vs Independent Kitchen Retailers

High street retailers vs the independents, it’s a debate that has been had with every area of shopping and the kitchen business is no different. Whilst the high streets have been throwing out more adverts than a christmas bonanza, independents are dealing with many different aspects heading into the new normal.  So today’s post is […]

Why Good Kitchen Design Is So Important

For many of us, buying a bespoke kitchen is a one a lifetime experience so it’s no wonder that getting the design right is so important. Unlike going to a major retailer, independents like ourselves go through a whole list of things for your benefit. Good kitchen design and experience is something that brings you […]

5 Areas Where You Should Invest In A New Kitchen

If lockdown has had you considering your kitchen needs, here’s the thing, where you invest in your new kitchen can have a massive impact. From increasing your home value to giving you peace of mind, your new kitchen should be considered from every aspect before you take on a new project.  In our blog today, […]

How To Plan Your New Kitchen

If you’re looking at getting a new kitchen, then know that the biggest factor is going to be your plan. From the layout to how you live and work in your kitchen area is going to be the biggest element to getting it right from the get-go.  But what should you consider when it comes […]

10 Tips For Surviving Working From Home

Week 6 into lockdown and for many, the idea of working from home may be relief and at the same time, equally daunting. We should be used to it by now – those of us who can work and are working from home right now anyway.  Some of us have mastered the tricks, others are […]

Home Office Design Ideas

In one way or another, the global pandemic has changed the way we live and communicate with our family and friends; one of the biggest changes has been that we are all in a home office how we are managing it. Until a few weeks ago, only 1.6 million of the UK working population worked […]

Banana Bread & Other Things You Can Bake at Home

If the internet, and social media is anything to go by, then we’ve all been the keenest of banana bread bakers, and bakers in general during this lockdown. From friends who don’t know how to bake to the seasoned professionals showing us all how it is done, we’ve become obsessed, you could say!  According to […]

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