Home Office Design Ideas

In one way or another, the global pandemic has changed the way we live and communicate with our family and friends; one of the biggest changes has been that we are all in a home office how we are managing it. Until a few weeks ago, only 1.6 million of the UK working population worked […]

Banana Bread & Other Things You Can Bake at Home

If the internet, and social media is anything to go by, then we’ve all been the keenest of banana bread bakers, and bakers in general during this lockdown. From friends who don’t know how to bake to the seasoned professionals showing us all how it is done, we’ve become obsessed, you could say!  According to […]

How To Maintain A Healthy Kitchen & Other Areas Of The Home

If conversations in the street, reports from the news and telephone calls with family and friends has been anything to go by, we know that cleaning and maintaining a healthy kitchen amongst other areas of the home has become a priority for many.  We’re not saying that these are cures for Covid19 (coronavirus), that would […]

11 Kitchen Utensils You Shouldn’t Live Without

Utensils, every kitchen has them. Some are good, some, not as good. Whilst we’re in the habit of creating beautiful fitted kitchens here at Stefano De Blasio Kitchens, we know that the kitchen is not only the heart of the home but also where our food gets prepared thus, having the right utensils can make […]

10 Reasons To Go Blue (Kitchen) In 2020

If there has been one kitchen colour that has completely taken over the mix and match ranges, it is blue. Whether that be dark or light, it has created a design sensation that companies like ours and many others have really tapped into.  From the cheapest to the most expensive kitchens in the marketplace, blue […]

Our Guide To The Breakfast Bar

Not all fitted kitchens are equal, not all kitchens suit an island unit but… some kitchens really suit a breakfast bar! From social engagements to how you live, a breakfast bar has many advantages for many different kitchen designs and can suit a variety of living circumstances.  Before we jump straight into different breakfast bar […]

Italian Desserts

5 Italian Desserts You Should Try To Make At Home

Storm Dennis scuppered many plans last weeked and whilst we sat in our showroom and contemplated the storm waters  coming down the road, we did get an overpowering craving for desserts. From those we love to make, to those that we love to sit and eat with our friends and family, there is nothing better. […]

How Can I Make My Kitchen Look Bigger?

Kitchen design has many different principles, but if you struggle with a small space, a well designed layout can make your kitchen look a lot bigger.  Making a kitchen look bigger is not the be all and end all, after all, a small kitchen has advantages and having a space that is cozy as well […]

13 reasons to go for a Shaker Kitchen in 2020

The humble shaker kitchen celebrates over 50 years of design and function this year. We’ve seen them all over the years, from glossy interpretations to MDF shaker wraps and even painted shaker designs.  Now we, at Stefano De Blasio Kitchens & Interiors absolutely love the shaker kitchen. Our showroom has several stunning ones on display, […]

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