How To Cook With Herbs

When it comes to adding flavour, texture and generally elevating your food, one of the easiest ways of doing it is by cooking with herbs. From hits of freshness before serving, to giving bursts of seasoning whilst cooking, knowing your herbs and how to cook with them can make them an ally and partner in […]

Should I Opt For Kitchen Wall Cladding

There are fewer things that look more stunning in a kitchen than, cladding. For those that don’t know what cladding is, it is a material that covers your wall in your kitchen area and provides a uniform look and finish between your worktops and the overall feel of your kitchen space. We at Stefano De […]

Spotting the False Economies when getting a New Kitchen

When it comes to getting a new kitchen there is a common industry saying that we certainly abide by, “you get what you pay for” it is with that level of thinking that we wanted to talk today about, the false economy of a new kitchen. We all know about false economies. You think you […]

How To Make Granita

If you haven’t noticed, it’s hot, hot enough to think you are walking around the med and hot enough for everyone to think that this may be the year that England really might win the World Cup. So, staying in the kitchen may be the very thing you’re avoiding. We completely get it. Cooking over […]

Praise be the Breakfast Bar!

With the rise of the island unit, the spur of germanic styling and the tall housing units sweeping across the internet like your morning toast and jam, there is one fallen hero of design that we are seeing a Da Vincian renaissance in, the humble breakfast bar. Forget Thatcher, the great storm that Michael Fish […]

Alternative Storage Solutions For The Kitchen

Earlier this week we spoke about losing wall units, but if you were to choose this particular style or were forced into fewer wall units due to technical limitations the question that needs answering is, “what alternative storage solutions can I have?” Thanks to the internet, new inventions, old inventions and Instagram envy, we know […]

Should I Have Kitchen Wall Units?

There is a new design trend taking shape across the country, wall units, or moreover, no wall units are becoming big business. It has long been established, even by fitted kitchen specialists like ourselves how a kitchen must have wall units of some sort but are we going to start seeing something different in the […]

The Beauty of Waterfall Worktops

The waterfall worktop has now been around for a good number of years, yet their rise in the mid 00s was predicted to be ephemeral at best. The traditional worktop is something that every kitchen understands. A simple run over your cabinets and finishing at the edge both depth and lengthways. A waterfall worktop however […]

June Supper Club 2018

May has passed, June begins and with that our supper club returns under a less auspicious start than the same time last year. Can you believe that this is our second June that we are doing our monthly Supper Club feature? Many people ask “why do you do so much food stuff on your site […]

Top Tips For The Aperol Spritz

Welcome to another Bank Holiday and as we write this, the weather forecast for Chester means only one thing, it’s aperol spritz time! Yes, the sun is out, the barbecue is in full swing and you’re looking for the drink to bring your summer alive, all in time for the second May bank holiday. It’s […]

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