If there has been one kitchen colour that has completely taken over the mix and match ranges, it is blue. Whether that be dark or light, it has created a design sensation that companies like ours and many others have really tapped into. 

From the cheapest to the most expensive kitchens in the marketplace, blue has become the highlight colour that everyone is seeking in some form or another. 

Deep and rich blues to something more subtle and lighter, we know that this kitchen colour has all the appeal in the home and in your social feeds as well. So here are 10 reasons to go blue in the kitchen for 2020. 

1. Perfect for an island unit 

For those that want to create a real wow factor on first appearance, the island unit in a kitchen has a habit of creating the perfect conditions to do so. But, if you really wanted to go a step further, having one in blue is arguably one of the best ways to make it even more dramatic, especially when it is a contrast colour. 

2. It works beautifully with white

Whether you have a kitchen that has mix and match units, or you wanted to juxtapose a colour with another, there is a combination that we need to see more of; white and blue. From white worktops and wall cabinets to going whole hog blue and maximising the white features in the kitchen, including tiling, there are few better looks. 

3. It looks amazing as a shaker kitchen

Shaker kitchens have a habit of looking really high end when they are painted in deep, dark colours especially in a colour such as classic navy blue. Again, as an accent colour this can work or, be bold and go whole hog with this example kitchen – see below. 

4. It also looks great in a modern setting 

Don’t think that dark blue is a classic kitchen colour, if anything, you can really make more modern designs and doors really pop with the same colour, or something even lighter. Either way, the desired result is striking. 

Blue modern kitchen

5. Throw on some gold or brass

Want to really make the colour stand out, look out for handles such as gold and brass to really make the colour pop and sing in the room. Make it even more special by throwing in accessories that match those colour tones throughout the kitchen to make the blue stand out more. 

6. Throw in wood

What else works great with a blue kitchen? Wood. Yes, warm tones can really elevate what is generally a cold/cooler colour on the spectrum. Warm helps add yellows and reds into the spectrum without overpowering the strong blue colours you can achieve with different paint mixes in your kitchen scheme. 

7. It’s easy to decorate around

Wondering how you can decorate your kitchen that has a blue tone throughout? Well, you can look at a colour wheel and find lots of inspiration here. Strong colour combinations include, yellows and mustards, white (see point 2) and even brass like colours which can incorporate a lighter red or even a pewter. 

If you really wanted to create a unique feature, take the colour of kitchen blue and bring that to a feature wall that faces your kitchen. It creates optical balance and ease in the room’s colour palette. 

8. There are lots of blues to choose from

When it comes to the colour, blue, you have lots of shades and varieties to choose from; especially with the range we have here at Stefano De Blasio kitchens. Just think of how you want to use the blues and in what areas, having one section, or even one piece can turn the average kitchen into something extraordinary. 

9. Use blue in furniture

Not sure you want to use it in your kitchen cabinets? Well, you’ve seen how well it works with whites and even cashmere, so why not introduce blue through furniture and different materials? You can, it’s not illegal… and it looks great. 

10. Throw in some traditional highlights

One of the things that seems to have disappeared from kitchen design over the last few years has been, glass cabinets. But this traditional highlight in a kitchen, especially in something like a dresser in a more traditional setting really hits all the marks, especially when it comes to mixing it with the colour blue.

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