Dare we say the ‘C’ word yet? There is the universal rule of thumb, when John Lewis show their Christmas advert, you can. Never before, perfectly ok after. It signifies the start of the festive season for many, and thanks to #bustertheboxer and his antics on the trampoline, we can start panicking… we mean, preparing, for the what is to come in just a short space of time.

As a kitchen company that understands the importance of preparation, organisation and the importance of good christmas cake and treats, we have some clear views on what should be on your Christmas checklist in the run up to the festivities. Without further adieu, here is our quick, slightly tongue in cheek guide for the ultimate Christmas checklist.

1) Get the Christmas pudding ready
We recently attended a job in Backford, Cheshire. The kitchen was obviously stunning and the clients, rightly over the moon. Whilst making our last checks, our client said, “we feel sorry for the decorator. He had to wait until the six lots of christmas mix cooking away on the stove died down.”

Obviously, any great Christmas meal requires an equally great Christmas pudding and if you’re making your own, you should get on the case now. Nigella Lawson would be screaming, if that’s something she does off camera, when it comes to getting your Christmas pudding just right. Don’t take our word for it, we’ll let the innuendo talking cook, explain how to make your own showstopper.

What about an alternative? How about Panettone? Yes, you would have seen some if you visited our showroom last year, we’re sure you’ll see some this year – if you ask nicely – of course. How about the Padovan delight, Pandoro? Like Panettone, but more brioche in flavour. Both are available in good supermarkets and Italian deli’s.

2) Get your kitchen accessories organised
For the first time in possibly 12 months you’ll have more people in your house than a Jamie Oliver Friday Night Dining Experience, more food to cook than match day at Anfield and more guests to please than the vatican. We get it, you’re popular.

Accessories then are a must. From your kitchen aid mixer to help with the bakes, cakes and tray delights, to your coffee machine that is on overload for the latte’s, cappuccino’s and even fancier flat whites. There are however some quick shortcuts.

The Moka coffee machine not only does the traditional Italian stovetop espresso, combined with a French press and hot milk, makes the perfect milky coffee of your dreams. Don’t believe us, check out this great youtube video as to how.

3) Time to declutter
One of the big things that seems to happen is, come Christmas time, you run out of space. It’s probably thanks to all of those people that have entered your home, but we’re more concerned with your kitchen clutter.

That’s right, you know what we mean. Food in food trays that should have been thrown away, your worktops covered in salt and pepper mills, garlic pots and 3 different olive oil selections. Your cupboards eviscerated by pots of condiments that were only bought for last year, not stored properly and now need to be thrown away and so on. Clutter is the king of spatial restriction; get organised and start storing or throwing things away that you won’t need in just a few weeks time.

4) It’s way too early for your Christmas tree
Unlike the finely tuned skills of a John Lewis Ad executive, putting your tree up now is like tucking into an Easter egg on boxing day. There is no need. Yes, your Christmas tree is sacred and we get how special it is, but if anything, you should be deciding on the look and feel of your tree in your home this November, rather than going out there and buying a Norwegian Spruce or Swiss Pine.

christmas tree
Also, if you’re buying a real tree, why risk all the needles falling off and the bark dying before the big day. Oh, and one more thing, the “hairspray” trick. It really doesn’t work, if anything, it, like the spray should have stayed in the 80’s with big shoulder pads and even bigger hair.

Whilst it may be late to get your kitchen last minute for this Christmas, it’s never too late to pay us a visit and see what great pieces we have in store at our showroom in Waverton. From shaker kitchens to contemporary and traditional, we have a wide selection and the most advanced, fully fitted demonstration working kitchen in Cheshire.

What Christmas tips and checklist items do you have? What makes your Christmas special? How do you plan ahead? We’d love to know.

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