Whether it’s your standard sunflower oil, exotic olive oils or even the health conscious coconut oil, knowing which ones you should be using for your cooking repertoire can make all the difference.

As Rochelle Billow said in her piece for Bon Appetit magazine, “not oils are created equal.” Some oils build flavour whilst heated, whilst others can turn sour and not particularly nice to taste on the palette. So from cooking to storage we have a quick guide to help you get a little more knowledge about different oils.

Olive Oil
It’s not uncommon to watch a cooking show and see lots of olive oil being thrown around, but sometimes chefs use different ones for different dishes. There are a few to go around, so here is a quick rundown:

Light olive oil, or sometimes known as regular olive oil is what most people associate with celebrity chefs and their smorgasbord of dishes.  Perfect for frying, this is the most common oil on the market. Use it to make sauces, soups, cooking your eggs and even in cakes.

Extra Virgin Olive oil, is a flavourful oil. It can have buttery notes, sometimes a little smoky and depending on origin, it can go from grassy flavours to citrus. This should be used to finish dishes, dress salads and even be used as a flavouring for exotic dishes like an olive oil ice cream.

Peanut Oil
This is becoming more popular in the UK and is being used more by the health conscious foodie. Perfect for asian cuisine, this oil has a high smoking point (around 450F) and should be used sparingly. Deep frying chicken and pork is where the nutty flavour comes out best.

Coconut Oil
Made famous in the last two years thanks to the Body Coach and his obsessive shouting, “in with the lucy bee”, this oil is solid at room temperature and comes in jars. A teaspoon heated up in a frying pan is where this really comes into it’s own element. Scented, it can be used for moderate roasting temperatures and quick fry offs. Great in curry’s and particularly good to use in cake mixtures.

Vegetable Oil
Up to 20 years ago, you had a choice in the supermarket, this or sunflower oil, luckily we have imported some great produce, but vegetable oil has some great uses. Frying fish, eggs, using as a light seasoning in vinaigrettes, is perfectly fine. It is neutral in flavour so you are safe with this oil if you are concerned with adding flavours to dishes.

Grapeseed Oil
This is loved by chefs as it is the perfect oil for them to use in vinaigrettes without compromising on the higher pricing of olive oil. It is green in colour and pairs well with lots of dishes as it is a clean tasting product.

Sesame Oil
It has a high smoking point and therefore great for roasts and sauted dishes. It is relatively neutral as a flavour but if you spent a little more you can get the toasted sesame oil which packs lots of flavour and is great for dipping sauces and finishing your dishes.

What oils do you like cooking with? What care the best dishes suited to cooking with the different oils listed? We’d love to hear from you and don’t forget, we have a great event happening this March 23rd at our showroom between 7 – 9pm. We’d love to see you. There will be a presentation, a demonstration and of course, cake.

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