Decorating ideas. Design magazines have them all, and we have to thank them for making some of the kitchens that we have installed over the years, many years, truly great with what we can only call, #designinspiration.

When you’re decorating a room like a kitchen, what you want to do is be constantly reminded of a few key things. Firstly, it’s the most utilised room in a home, secondly, it’s a reflection of you and your tastes and finally, it’s where the most precious time is spent with family, friends and even those late nights working/studying/playing.

“The idea that a kitchen is a separate room to the rest of the house has now gone. We’ve seen the kitchen become the living room, take pride and place as the real heart of the home.” Interior designer and partner, Emma De Blasio has been decorating and transforming kitchen interiors for 25 years and has seen many design trends come and go.

“What people need to be mindful of is, whether it is a new kitchen or a few years old, if you find a style you love, you can achieve many of the cosmetic looks with a few simple tricks. If you’re having a new kitchen, you have a blank canvas to work with, if however you’re looking to change a bit of the style to better reflect you, then as with a new kitchen, you have many different options that you can work with.”

So, what are the tips to decorating a kitchen? What is achievable and how can you transform your premium living space? Here are some top tips to help you get that dream look.

Kitchen colours come in three’s
When you choose your kitchen, you will have a sense of colour and purpose around the whole design. Your kitchen colour door will primarily be your door and carcase colour. Then there is your worktop, of course there is the case that your worktop may be the same colour as your units, especially if you’ve gone for a real scandinavian white kitchen look.

But the rule of three in kitchen decorating and colours is simple;

Colour 1: Your countertops, your cabinets. It’s a colour that can’t be changed.
Colour 2: A complimentary colour to colour 1. It tends to be neutral colours, mainly on the walls. Treat it like a backdrop to your kitchen.
Colour 3: A statement colour. Use it to add to pop to your current kitchen palette, it’s often bold, unexpected, makes people take notice in a positive way. Think of accessories that do this. Yellow, orange, red even green works a treat here.

three tone

Use your shelves, no, really use them
One of the big design features in the last twelve months has been the return of the open shelving system, you know, what happened in the 80’s with tall units on one side and open shelves on the other… are we reliving the 80’s again?

Anyway, because shelves have started to appear, be it, in the kitchen, or in the living spaces that kitchen takes up, this is the perfect opportunity to use shelving as part of a wider decor to the kitchen design.

The first point was all about bringing colours into your room, and this is where the Colour 3 option would play a large part. Accessories like vases, coffee machines, books would all have a distinct focus in your living space and a shelf would bring out different shapes and colours to your living area.

A gallery wall

There are those that love photography and art, and then there those that LOVE photography and art. One of the biggest design features in the last decade has been to create a gallery wall. This is where you take one wall of your living space and then simply decorating the area with some truly magnificent pieces of work and prints.

“The trick here is, careful curation.” Emma goes on to explain, “yes, you can splatter a wall with all sorts of artwork and photography, but the striking pieces are those where you achieve either symmetry or tell a very unique story through your wall decoration.”

There is of course no right or wrong answer to what goes on a gallery wall, some of the best things we’ve seen and developed with our clients have been walls which feature;

-Framed album covers

-Framed wallpaper or fabric swatches

-Vintage dishes

-Antique, empty frames of different shapes and sizes

-A variety of mirrors

Our top tip here, before decorating the walls, lay everything out on a floor as you would have it on the wall, see if it suits, tells a story or gives a unique perspective before nailing things permanently into your home.

gallery wall

Create your focal point

Decorating your kitchen through the premise of “what is the first thing I see when I walk in?” is also not a bad way to go. But if nothing is catching your eye, or your room layout doesn’t lend itself towards it, then you have to consider creating your own focal point.

Your focal point needs to be unique. It needs to jump out at you. It needs to give whoever steps into a room a wow factor and then lead into the rest of the kitchen which is your own unique and stunning space.

Ways to create your focal points can include;

– Painting your wall with one unique distinctive colour away from everything else

– Hanging a big painting

– A single unit with a vase and beautiful flower arrangement so that it is minimal but drives impact

– Create textures perhaps with an open shelving system scattered with books and accessories.

As you can see, there are lots of decorating hacks that can go into turning your unique living space into something truly remarkable. Remember that what you are trying to do is let the kitchen, the heart of your house speak for itself.

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