Want to have an expert eye over your kitchen design? We're the team for that. Our design service has been used from architects to developers and naturally, homeowners for all of our installations. We're now happy to release our design solution.


Send in Your Measurements

Keeping it simple

All we need to begin is your kitchen measurements. This will be the internal wall measurements and on top of that, where your current gas, water supplies, windows, doors, radiators all marked out help greatly. You can send through your design to our team who will then start planning away. 

Tell Us What You Want

What you really really want...

What are you looking for?  More space? A better dining solution? Nifty storage solutions? A triple oven/microwave feature? Whatever it is, we can design it for you. Just let us know what is important to your kitchen design and what you want from your design and we will factor all of this into your unique, bespoke design service. 

You Receive Your Designs

With measurements and a 3d rendered model design

Once we have all the information and have been paid, you will receive your design in a user-friendly PDF and JPEG which can then be passed onto whoever you need to see the design. Any alterations or amends can be made on request. 

Solutions That Work

Trust a design team with over 30 years experience. 

Planning a new kitchen? An extension which will change your whole layout? Trying to understand what will and won’t work? Our design team can do that for you. With no obligation to purchase a kitchen we’re releasing our designers into the wild and giving you a design service that provides you not only with ideas, but functional designs and styles that you can use in your home that will look like they belong and not just something that looks great but doesn’t work for you. 

  • Let an expert design your kitchen
  • Take that design for a quote or get one from Stefano & his team
  • Get a second pair of eyes to design how your kitchen can look

Flat Fixed Fee

Design your kitchen for £80

We understand that lots of kitchen companies offer their designs for free, and for anyone that purchases a Stefano De Blasio Kitchen we won’t waver our commitment to give you the kitchen design of your dreams. Our design service is a little different. For a fixed flat fee, you send in your design measurements – the size of your room and any windows/doors/radiator positions and we do the rest. You will in return get two design iterations and if you decide to buy a Stefano De Blasio kitchen, that fee is comped from your final bill. 

How does it work?

It’s really simple. You send us your designs and one of our team will be in touch within a working day to get a bit more information. From there you will get a design that is based on the information that we collect.

Is there any obligation to buy a kitchen?

None whatsoever. Naturally, if you would like to use our service, that would be fantastic, and naturally your design would be credited back to you in the invoiced installation. Instead, this service is about making sure you have the kitchen design that works and not something that someone has stuck together without considering regulations, space or overall look and feel.

Why do I need to pay £80?

What we’re providing is a service. Each kitchen design can take up to 3 hours, plus the time required to gather the information and ensure that we have everything we need. Like many services this comes as a cost.

How & when do I pay?

Payment is simple and we use Paypal or direct bank transfer. Payment will be before the design gets put together, and the money will be held in escrow until you receive your final design – when the money will be taken.

Design needs to be

Beauty & Function

Designing the perfect kitchen is more than simply sticking together a few units and hoping you have space for an island unit. Not every kitchen is the same, so why designers think they can design the same every time is frustrating! 

We come from a school of manufacturing and design. This leaves us in a unique position to understand where there are limitations and where there are opportunities to do something different. This is where we are different as a Chester Kitchen company. Design needs to not only look good, but work! 


Think that one of these kitchens would look great in your home? Why not get one of the team to your house to take some measurements and get a bespoke design created for you. Just leave your details we will do the rest. 

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