In our first part of kitchen trends for 2017, we discussed things like, hidden appliances, smart devices, tuxedo panelling and island integration.

In part two, we are going to look at a few more trends which have started to take place in the kitchen market in the last few months of 2016 and will see a distinct impression made over the coming year.

Are you ready to hear the following words? Panelled pantry’s, colour selections and interior stylings? Well these are just three of the next big things to be hitting the kitchen market in 2017. Here is a little bit more about each of these areas.

Panelled Pantry’s and tall units
If you’ve ever wanted a pantry well, thanks to modern design trends and fancy internal door panelling, you can have all the benefits of a pantry without the internal walking in space that was usually the biggest draw back.

Tall units are also the big feature to have hit homes in the last 12 months and will continue to see a growth in kitchen designs for the next few years. Tall units add a sense of space and grandeur to most rooms.

tall pantry trend
This tall housing and pantry style from Snug Kitchens is where you can see more of the design features for 2017 start to take place.

Colour Choices
A little further on you will read something called “Tuxedo Panelling” but the key question is, what colour schemes have come to the forefront of kitchen design in the last 12 months and will last for years to come? Well it looks like EL James would have been the biggest inspiration with her 2012 best selling novel. Yes, it is the year of Grey moving away from lighter tones such as ivory or even white; and yes there are quite literally over 50 shades of grey for your delight. From anthracite to darker varieties there is a big shift in 2017 to see this colour palette featured.

Another popular colour that is making a bit more of an impact is blue. Yes, blue kitchens aren’t only for cartoons, but now, with better colour technology you are seeing a big gain in these stronger colours thanks to technology advancing the development of the product in the last 12 months.

grey trends

This, taken from Kitchens of Instagram is a great example of mixing up colour and using the grey colour palette that we will see plenty of in 2017. We also love the use of yellow to contrast colour schemes and make the room stand out.

Interior Stylings
The big shift in kitchen design is interior colour choices. Like the choice of kitchen colours, we are seeing more homes adopt stronger colour palettes and tones that make the biggest difference to the overall look and feel of the home that will bring the colour of the units and the worktops out for the rest of the living space.

Be sure to look out for Blues, Greens and Yellow both on the walls and even in appliances, and most definitely in accessories.


And finally… Getting smarter in smaller spaces
When it comes to kitchens, the big distinguishing matter over the last decade has been kitchen space and size. It’s no surprise that kitchens have gotten smaller in new builds, and homes built in the 1950’s had smaller spaces to house a kitchen and combined dining area. But the difference has become that in more recent years, if you couldn’t afford an extension, you were forced to deal with the small space. That is now a thing of the past, literally.

Smaller spaces can house beautiful kitchens that combine stunning material choices, all the appliances you can hope to have and storage solutions that work for you and not just for the designer that wants to take shortcuts. It’s about understanding space and needs, however, it is not unrealistic to expect to see more designs and functions for smaller kitchens over 2017. The combination of all of the integrated features as mentioned in both parts will lead well to a beautifully styled and functioning kitchen.

smaller kitchen

This small kitchen manages to house everything you need with sheer class. Fitting an American style fridge freezer, oven, microwave and hob, it is really interesting to see how the features of this kitchen have been put together so simply.

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