There has been a design trend that has taken over most kitchen companies in the last two years or so; the square room design. You will have seen this all over the design magazines, facebook pages, heck even competitors.

We get it, they are easy rooms to design in, for the most part. But a square room can be done so differently than the standard, bank kitchen units with island in the middle, and there are a variety of reasons to do it differently as well.

“The main problem with the square kitchen design is that to achieve it, be it in new builds or homes that were built in the 1930’s – 1960’s is that, you will need extensive structural work to get them into that shape to start with. That can be the biggest cost to the kitchen project to start with.” Stefano De Blasio.

Stefano’s 40 years of kitchen design and work in the industry have given him a few unique insights of how you can make your kitchen look different in a square designed room; whether that is how the house has come, or an extension to your current property.

Here are Stefano’s tips.

Be bold
You can go for that banked wall unit and island look, but everyone is doing that and some, are doing it well and others, not so much. There is nothing unique or distinctive about this design trend, and you’re not going to feature in Home Living if that’s what you’re looking for.

The reality is, your design needs to be bold, so do something different with door shapes and the kinds of units that you are using and make things functional as well as “what all the other designs look like.”

Functionality is key
When it comes to kitchen designs one of the biggest grievances I hear is that the other designers our clients have been to have completely forgotten about functionality. Yes, your kitchen should be striking but does it work?

If you love cooking, then you need lots of counter space, storage space, easy to access units and great lighting. If you take away 30% – 40% of your kitchen with a bank unit and expect your island to make up for everything, that may not be the best solution, especially if you’re hosting on an evening or even cooking for your family and need additional space to prepare your food.

square room split

Integration will help your design

One of the best things about square rooms and square room designs is that integrated appliances have been the feature of design. From beautiful ovens to hidden away refrigerator and freezer, to pantry’s that extend and pull out, these achieve the look that people want and remain an ideal solution to your kitchen design.

square room integration

Colour choice

Finally colour choice has become a big thing with a square kitchen design, the biggest reason being, the lack of natural light. That’s right, with most square rooms being built in extended areas or knock throughs into other living areas, the problem becomes natural light.

Lighting fixtures will help, although box panelled lighting can look great it can not provide the adequate amount of lumens needed. Hanging lights can fix this as well as under panel lighting but what you want to focus on is, the colour of your kitchen.

Dark colours can drain colour even more from your new kitchen area, but light colours mixed with darks can give a great focal point as well reflect light into the darker areas giving you a more natural colouring and feel to the room.

neff display

These are obviously some recommendations and tips to getting your dream kitchen designed within the confines of a particular space, like a square room. Kitchen design should really be all inclusive, taking in trends, function and style to work for what is best for you.

Why not give Stefano and his team a call today on 01244 335 994 or visit him at his Waverton showroom in Chester for a consultation on your next design project.

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