Back with another feature piece, we are after all always thinking that little bit differently, here is another look at another great kitchen example from the small screen.

Just a month ago we were looking at the Seattle socialite and radio presenter, Frasier. This week we are taking a dive in suburban L.A. at the home of one of the funniest families on the small screen. The Dunphy’s. There are three great kitchens to choose from in this brilliant TV series but how could we not go for the loveable Phil and Claire and their amazing kitchen space which, is achievable in many different homes!

Modern Family has amassed 67 awards in the last seven years, winners of Golden Globes, SAG’s, Writers Guilds and People’s Choice categories and many many more!

OK, enough about how great a show it is, let’s take a dive into what makes this a great kitchen and why we’ve chosen it to help inspire your kitchen choices.

Let’s talk about the kitchen
The shows creator, Steven Levitan said “the kitchen is now the heart of the home. We couldn’t do a show called Modern Family, if we didn’t see the kitchen as part of the dining and family room in one flowing space.” We obviously, couldn’t agree more and this kitchen really shows how you can create functional space without compromising on flow and style.

How big is the kitchen?
The Dunphy household is a large property, however, if you look at the kitchen/dining space you will be surprised to see that it isn’t as large as you may think. The kitchen area measures 12’6 (3.8m) x 10’ (3.0m) and the dining area is equally the same length but a little bit narrower (2.8m), it’s an ideal, family kitchen space that has everything and that leads onto a wonderful living room.

What makes it stand out?
It is again that combination of breakfast island unit, the big American fridge freezer and the in this case the use of integration through appliances to dining hall, it has a bit of everything.

What kind of kitchen is it?
It’s definitely a painted door, and with most American style kitchens, it is a shaker handmade style. In fact, this lends itself to to more a painted framed kitchen like our Davenport painted. The Dunphy house also utilises a lot of different lighting solutions, particularly under the counter lighting as well as french patio doors which allow light to beam in across the whole space, so the choice of colour is essential when looking at the space that you are utilising.

What about the worktop?
We’re back at the, “is it quartz, granite or even marble?” We’ve done quite a bit of internet searching and from the information we can find, it appears to be granite. The unique feature is that is has a beveled edging and nice design features around the whole island unit which makes it stand out as a showpiece for Dunphy household.

As for colour, it is certainly not plain black. It has speckled elements to the colour and style which breaks up the monotony of a colour palette, something which we have seen more of in recent years.

What about appliances, what do they have?
As previously mentioned, the Dunphy kitchen has a great built in American fridge freezer with ice tray included. The stove and oven features bring the kitchen cooking area together whilst the built in microwave element that is housed at eye level makes getting the porridge out simpler than having to reach under a counter to collect.

Overall impressions?
It is a highly functional and beautiful kitchen space that has a bit of everything. Classical styling with modern integration, it is a highly achievable look that doesn’t require much other than a good think about the space and how you use it in the right context.

The big thing is integration. Integrating the living space, the working space and the cooking space into one area that allows natural flow between the different spaces needed in your family home. The show creators were spot on about how the modern family revolves around the kitchen and this certainly hits the nail on the head. It is a family kitchen befitting of the space.

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