The unwritten rule in kitchen design has always been that your wall cupboards should match your base cabinets, but as with all unwritten rules – there’s no need to believe it. Whilst the majority of kitchens you come across have the same colours all around, the growing trend in kitchen design has been that of mixing and matching your colour palette and even different styles to really bring about some beautiful design concepts. 

Done right, mix and match can make all the difference to your kitchen layout and look without breaking the bank whatsoever. We say, embrace mix and match to create the perfect kitchen look and feel for your home. Here are our tips to create that dream kitchen you will love for years to come. 

Ditch the monochrome – especially on dark kitchens!
There are a few colours which don’t work particularly well, especially if you don’t break them up with accent colours or features. These tend to be dark blues and dark greys which, when featured as a monochrome look and finish can draw in a lot of light. 

But, as an accent colour they can really raise the profile of a kitchens look and feel. We did a job on the Wirral where this was perfectly demonstrated from the island unit that featured a dark anthracite island unit and contrasted with a limestone shaker kitchen. Together, this added a touch of class into a large space and gave light to the room with the kitchen area really highlighting itself. 

Elliott, Kitchen, Cheshire

Mix styles and not just colour 
One of the big design trends to come out from Italy – where they pioneer kitchen design on a near yearly basis is that your kitchen can be two tone, three tone or four tone, but also, it doesn’t have to be just one style. 

Go for a gloss door on your wall units and a matt door for your floor units. Done well, this mix of styles can really set your kitchen apart from the standard designs found all across showrooms in the country. Remember to look at your kitchen as a whole if you’re also doing this; things like your flooring or wall materials can help bring out features and blend styles so that it really works! 

Think about where you mix and match 
Lots of customers and designers will focus on mixing just on a horizontal basis – so things like wall and base units, but what if you had a two tone kitchen that manages to bring out different materials and colours by highlighting symmetry. Tall units and pantry style designs would benefit from the highlights that different colours would bring.

It also changes the idea of what mix and match can be. Highlighting materials and styles are very on trend right now so if you had something that could break out different styles and create symmetrical lines in the kitchen area that would make your kitchen have different a very design focus. 

Be Bold with colours! 
So we are aware of the more common colour combinations, grey and white or dark blue and white but now, accent colours have been positioned to really make you take note! 

Pinks, bright blues and purples have become a big design colour and something we are going to be seeing more of in design circles for the coming years. Accent colours are there to break up the monochrome mundanity that has happened in recent years and even if you can’t quite see it up close sometimes, the contrast between these bold colours and the neutral backdrops of doors can really bring about  a substantive change in how the design is delivered into your living quarters! 

Make the island the focus
We have spoken about accent colours, we have spoken about breaking away from the monochrome but what we really want to do is make you go for it when it comes to mixing and matching with your island unit. 

Think bold colours, think different style and choice of material, think adding different accents such as light oak plinths and open storage cupboards. Basically, make your island such a focus that your kitchen can get on being a kitchen from a design and function perspective! 

Flip top and bottom!
A lot of customers and designers think about having the light, neutral colour on the top and then bright, or contrasting colour on the bottom but, what if we said to you – flip it? Have your big bold colour as your main kitchen colour and then the neutral as your base units or even tall units? 

This throws in variety into the design but also, it changes how light is projected into the room and utilised by the units. 

These are just some tips from our design team here in Chester, what ways would you embrace mix and match colours in your kitchen? We’d love to know. 

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