What is it you’re buying when you get a fitted kitchen? Quality design? A better than standard product? Superior materials? It’s a bit of all of that, but the one thing that stands out compared to most kitchens which are put together on a whim is; they are organised.

Having an organised kitchen is the sign that your kitchen plays a massively important role in your life and if you were to watch/listen to or read the studies about organisation you’d know that a well organised layout in your living spaces can reduce stress and anxiety significantly.

So what do you need to know about organising your new fitted kitchen?

One of the things that we like to do at Stefano De Blasio Kitchens and Interiors is look for inspiration across other industries and incorporate beautiful design with leading function. “Workspace and countertops seem to have become a premium, which is a shame because not all kitchens have the right layout to have just one area, it would be the thing that I look at the most when it comes to kitchen designs and trends over the next 2 – 3 years.” Stefano De Blasio.

One industry that gets it consistently right with kitchen organisation is of course the gourmet food establishments, well the kitchen side of it for certain.

What tips can we take for your new fitted kitchen when it comes to solid kitchen organisation, here are some valuable tips.

Have designated zones
Your kitchen will have lots of different uses throughout the day; from breakfast preparation to homework/homeworking to finally, sitting down and enjoying a meal and drink. A professional kitchen will have space for fish another for meat; we don’t all have that liberty. Instead, why not putting things together that you use more commonly together. Your baking ingredients in one area, your oils and vinegars together near the stovetop and your coffee fixings together near your mugs.

Store your dishes near where you wash them
It’s a pretty simple solution isn’t it? A 45 seat bistro will wash in excess of 3000 plates a day, you may have 20 but the last thing you want to be doing is moving around the kitchen just to put your dishes away and then repeat for day after day, year after year. There is lots of different storage solutions that you can bring into your fitted kitchen like, plate racks or even organising the cupboard next to your sink to house your day to day dishes and cups.

Open shelving can be very handy
If you’re using your kitchen, a lot, then open shelving or even open cupboard shelving to get to your mixers, bowls, common ingredients or even dishes you would benefit greatly from open shelving. A lot of storage solutions can be had as well as great organisation for busy households.

fitted kitchen shelving

Make space to work
The big design trend, the bank of kitchen units, one island unit is all great but… it’s not always the best organised or truly kitchen functional. What you want to do however is organise your work spaces, such as this set-up or others that, make your workspace actually work. Make sure you have enough areas, like a professional kitchen where you can do food prep or eat afterwards, it’s pretty simple.

Great kitchen organisation comes from great design. Your fitted kitchen should bring about style and beauty and not compromise on function at the same time.

Why not pay us a visit or arrange for Stefano and his team to pay you a home visit to see how a fitted kitchen can make a home.

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