When it comes to grey kitchens we know that with all the different varieties available in the marketplace, they have become one of the go to colours for those looking for a new kitchen in 2020. 

Here at SDB Kitchens, we try to stay ahead of the curve by speaking with our suppliers and finding the styles and colour palettes that would suit many different homes. That’s why for us, grey is one of the colours that works so well, and combines brilliantly with others to make for a stunning looking kitchen. 

We decided to put together the ultimate list as to why a grey kitchen needs to be on your checklist for 2020. 

1. They have a timeless feel
Have you ever looked at a grey kitchen, be it dark or light and think that they are out of style? Probably not. That’s because grey kitchens have a timeless quality to them. Unlike white or wooden doors, grey works with most styles but also is easy to pair with other colours, making it a choice that stands the test of time. 

2. Grey is the new black… and white…
Well, grey kitchens are the classical colour in between black and white, but they are extremely popular, thanks to the timeless feel and the versatility… which is our next point. 

3. They are versatile more than other colours
Whether you decide to mix and match on your kitchen colours, your base units with wall units or simply have a feature unit, they work with nearly everything. Most other colours can’t say or do that. They also, make for interior colour schemes to be easy to match and contrast, and plus, whatever style you go for, they work as a door. 

4. They look great in different styles 
One of the ways a grey kitchen really stands out is based on the door shape. From simple slab doors to painted shaker varieties and even glossy handless designs. Whatever the style, they suit the different features without any drama. 

5. Be as bold as brass
When it comes to adding style and character to your kitchen, one of the most dramatic ways is to include edgings and detailings that you would otherwise not consider. Grey and brass work like Torvill and Dean… Other famous examples of double acts can follow that! From edging to end panels and even light fixtures with brass on full show, you can be bold with this colour choice.

Grey kitchen with brass details

6. Copper and gold should also get a mention
If you thought brass was a great combination team, then copper and gold should also feature. They have equally as many wow factor properties, and done tastefully can lift the colour palette of the kitchen to modern and even retro within the same design tastes. 

7. They are perfect statement pieces 
It’s all nice to say that you want a kitchen that blends in with the house, but a grey kitchen can also be a statement piece. Nothing says that more than striking dark grey cupboards mixed with light wall units, or even pink painted walls! 

8. They work with all sorts of worktops 
Do you like wooden tops? Quartz or granite? Well, grey kitchens can take warm and neutral colours as part of the whole colour palette. White tops work really well with darker greys whilst wood can work with light grey kitchens or even something like a mushroom grey in cashmere! 

9. Cashmere is a form of grey!
One of the big colour go-to schemes in recent years is cashmere! Cashmere is a form of grey and we have spoken to countless designers and even our paint team to make sure it is. It is, and it is called “mushroom grey” only cashmere sounded better. 

10. Mix and match your greys
One cool colour style you can utilise is mixing and matching the grey kitchen. With darker units as an accent colour in particular. If you had the space for an island unit, then you could use darker grey units for that feature and light grey for the wall and base units for the rest of the kitchen. 

11. There is a French grey
Known for their croissants and croquembouches, the French are also keen on interior stylings so much so they have their own shade of grey which is of course available as a kitchen colour… 

12. Did we say that it goes well with other colours? 
Well yes, several times! But did you know that if you added either yellow or green to a grey kitchen you are going to make a dramatic impact to the look and feel. Let alone what happens when you add pastel colours! 

13. Add pastel colours…
Pastel colours can really make a grey kitchen pop! Whether it is accessories in the shape of spoons and cutlery to painted chairs and even pink walls! Yes, pink walls. If it’s good enough for the continent, then it’s good enough for your home.

14. Mix with woods
Grey kitchens work with wood so beautifully that to mix and combine with these features is a joy for those that design as well as those that live with them. Think about open shelving or book and wine cabinets done this way, it makes all the difference to the way your kitchen can look and feel, especially when it comes to bringing some warmth into the room. 

15. Be dramatic with dark grey!
One way to really make a statement is going for a dark grey kitchen! It’s not as harsh on the eyes, or the colour scheme as a black kitchen, but it has all the dramatic effect that one can crave! Charcoal or graphite looks stunning in a small or large kitchen, be sure to use accent colours to really bring out the best of design features. 

16. Small kitchens suit dark kitchens
It goes against the grain a little but a grey kitchen can really sharpen up a small kitchen design. Use it for base units and then try and use the grey kitchen design and features in other areas, possibly in art work, a clock, or even mixing and matching the worktops for different sections!  

small grey kitchen

As you can see there are lots of reasons to go with a grey kitchen this year. Embrace something different, new and bold for all the right reasons! 

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