Kitchen design has many different principles, but if you struggle with a small space, a well designed layout can make your kitchen look a lot bigger. 

Making a kitchen look bigger is not the be all and end all, after all, a small kitchen has advantages and having a space that is cozy as well as functional has lots of associated benefits. But if you find yourself struggling with a smaller kitchen space, maybe you’ve downsized or right now, you can’t afford the structural building work to turn it into something truly outstanding, then this is for you. 

Here are our top tips to making your kitchen look bigger. 

1. Contrast walls with your kitchen

Let’s say you were to go for a cashmere or limestone kitchen – two very popular colours – then you would look to contrast these colours with something darker. Deep blue, strong grey or even a bright orange. The trick is to turn your walls into something that your kitchen stands out from, thus opening up the visual space. 

Kitchen Contrast Bigger

2. Mix your materials

Gone for a traditional shaker kitchen look and finish? Contrast with open wooden shelving or even a unique design focus of some draws in wooden finishes. The contrast keeps the eye line constantly moving. 

3. Paint your walls white

Of course, one of the big design tricks for the last half century is to paint your walls white. Whether it is your kitchen, living room or even bathroom, spaces appear bigger when they are white. 

4. Go for glossy finishes

Whilst we would all love to have a painted shaker finish – well some of us – glossy kitchens are a great way to make a space appear even bigger than what it is. Glossy finishes reflect light, and they also maximise any natural light that the room has. 

You can maximise the glossy look with stainless steel appliances, and even steel accents across handles and accessories to make the space appear cleaner in finish. 


5. Opt for handleless if you can 

One of the big design trends in recent years has been the handleless kitchen, but a glossy handleless kitchen is the double whammy that you were probably not expecting to see on this list. Handles can sometimes disturb the flow of a smaller space, so no handles means that your kitchen can sit back and enjoy all the attention. 

6. Change your flooring

Whether it is tiles, wood, or even amtico, make sure it’s laid length-ways down the kitchen. This will draw the eye and elongate the room. If you were to do it horizontally, it will have the opposite effect. 

7. Opt for slimline appliances 

Having big appliances will make the space look considerably smaller, whilst having smaller appliances… you get the picture. Yes a slimline or smaller appliance can make your kitchen look bigger and if you were to integrate these appliances, even more so. 

Look for under counter appliances, and versions which may appear to have less capacity than what you are used to to maximise the space you are trying to create. 

8. Introduce curves. 

Instead of finishing your kitchen run of units with straight carcases, why not opt for curved units. This will open out the kitchen in a variety of ways, especially maximising softer features in your whole living areas. 

9. Go for shallower units

Shallow units, especially from bespoke fitters like ourselves, maximise the space in a smaller kitchen. They open out areas, but moreover, they can provide more essential storage solutions to a total kitchen design than just leaving the space empty. 

10. Build storage into the spaces

Following on from point number nine. If you can build effective storage into your kitchen area, especially to hide away countertop appliances, bags, cables, chargers, then this will all help in making your kitchen look bigger. As they say, everything has a place – so make sure your kitchen designer thinks about that with you. 

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