What is Gusto? Gusto is the Italian word for Taste. Taste in food, taste in design, taste in sense. “Avere buon gusto” means, you have great taste. But it means something more as well. In Italy, to “avere buon gusto” means you are cultured. You have travelled, you have experience, you understand what works and what doesn’t. It’s a tick for wisdom and to have it, is something acquired and something part genetic.

That’s why we’ve launched this E-Zine, GUSTO. We wanted to help provide a guide, a small piece that looks monthly, or possibly a little longer between, that’s down to you, at the way that kitchens, designs, trends and food can come together in one unique environment and place. We have created a space that you can sit, relax and enjoy something fun, different and little unique. There is no else that does this.

We will cover ideas, innovations, designs, projects, events and much more with this E-Zine and make it fun for you to enjoy and read. We take the best from our Pinterest and Facebook pages, we look to understand what it is about kitchens and kitchen lifestyle you want to read and enjoy more of. If you like your coffee table books, this would be part of it. If you wanted to get hold of more information before making a kitchen purchase, we can help answer questions. We’re open to suggestions.

Here is what we ask in return. If you like it. Let us know. Like & Share our content, tell your friends about it, let them know about this kitchen company in Chester that does things a little differently; we don’t imitate we innovate. We take the information you need and present it to you in a unique way, and like our kitchens, we’re proud of that.


GUSTO By Stefano De Blasio

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