If lockdown has had you considering your kitchen needs, here’s the thing, where you invest in your new kitchen can have a massive impact. From increasing your home value to giving you peace of mind, your new kitchen should be considered from every aspect before you take on a new project. 

In our blog today, we are going to look at five different areas where you should invest in a new kitchen. 

1. Your cabinets! 

The most important aspect of your whole kitchen is the foundation on which it is built. When you invest in a new kitchen, you want to put that money into an area that is going to give you peace of mind and your cabinets are one of the most essential elements in that. 

Apart from being where you store your items, you don’t want to have to be replacing them after a few years. So where is investment in a good cabinet?

Solid state cabinets with 24mm backboards (like ours) is the starting place. This ensures sturdiness but also, protection from any kind of damp or environmental factors. 

(Also look out for guarantees on units. Ours for example come with a 15 year guarantee by the manufacturer.) 

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2. Invest in worktops

Whatever your budget, we know that one of the areas where a good investment can really take shape of your kitchen is your worktops. Invest in materials that you know are durable and will elevate your kitchen look and feel. 

For example, whilst granite and quartz are expensive in comparison to solid wood or formica, they are more durable and heat resistant; great if you’re a sucker for spills and heat related damage to surfaces. Alternatively something like a resin & stone combination is more of an investment but will provide a much more enhanced stylistic look and feel – which will add value to your home.

(N.B. In a recent Nationwide survey, a new kitchen can add as much as upto 11% to a home, with the median average of 5%) 

3. Induction hobs 

There are those who refuse to cook on anything other than gas, others on electric, but induction hobs are worth the investment in both time and money. 

Aside from being a very safe solution to your cooking requirements with their instant heat and no heat when a pan is removed, they are the cooking tool of the professionals and michelin alike. Why? The instant heat is a big factor but also the amount of control over the heat is equally important. 

When it comes to cleaning, hot soapy water or a Cif based cleaner will do the trick. No need to go through the razmatazz of cleaning a gas hob which feels like a military operation every time! 

4. Combination ovens

You will see lots of magazines where 2, 4 or even 6 ovens are all the rage. That’s great but that’s not the best way to invest your money in a new kitchen set-up if you were not looking for that kind of setup anyway. 

That’s where a combination oven or combi oven can be really useful. Working both as a microwave, oven and grill, you have a machine that can do it all and in most cases do it better than having all three in a configuration. 

Why? Take the humble roast chicken. Standard cooking time for a 1.5kg is around 1 hour 40 minutes, in a combi oven you can do it in less than 50 minutes. The same can be said for cakes, bakes and even your bog standard pizza baking. They really are worth the investment, especially if you find yourself preparing lots of meals and need something that can maximize your output. 

5. Waste disposal 

Most gadgets can be left alone when thinking about the investment you want to make in your kitchen but, one that has proven to be of benefit has been the waste disposal. 

The new systems are sleek and require little under-cabinet space but importantly, they help reduce food waste without requiring weekly collections or making your waste collection an attraction for animals or not very nice odours. 

These are just five areas we believe that having time to invest in your kitchen can make you have both peace of mind but also, give you some added benefits over the years to come. 

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