For years, the kitchen industry has relied on one door style to make all the headlines, and be installed in homes; the shaker door. 

We’ve written about shaker kitchens in the past, from how they’ve become the kitchen go-to style to even the decline of this popular frame in the last decade. Statistics from Mobilitalia show that the style was outsold for the first time in 2017 and that in 2018 it was third on the list of all designs sold across Western Europe. 

But thanks to social media and platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, you’d think that the shaker kitchen never went out of fashion. 

It’s how we live in our home 

What it all boils down to is how we are using our home today. We have become a much more social society with friends, and we have learnt to cook up storms with kitchen clubs and even the plethora of home cooking on T.V. We are getting better at using our space to entertain and we are using our homes as canvases of our lives. 

Well, that’s what we’re being told by architecture digest. 

It’s hard to argue against this level of insight though. We are sharing more about ourselves now than ever before; it’s only fair to correlate how we live with the kind of purchases we have in our life. We want to, in some way, demonstrate as well to others that we are choosing wisely. 

Timeless style 

A bit like a Rolex Submariner, a beautiful kitchen will stand the test of time, and so will that kitchen style. It’s why the shaker has been in homes for the last 50 years and it’s why people of all ages keep turning to it even after years of negative press coverage. 

It remains a timeless style that suits all sorts of home design. From the traditional Victorian period house to the terraced house and now, the modern extension, throwing in all sorts of light from all direction. 

It’s easily adaptable

The thing that makes it such a timeless piece is just how adaptable it is. From the modern varieties which include something like a letterbox handleless design to the traditional production where a handle can make all the difference. 

But even the material choice for worktop, the lighting that can be implemented across the whole kitchen or even additional units and features across the living space adapted to the style of the kitchen make it such a versatile choice when it comes to the final finishes. 

shaker letter box

Mix & Match, that’s where it’s at! 

The point about a shaker kitchen is that you get to make some big decisions about colour and finish, but now, thanks – again to social media – you get to put your design tastes in line with the trends that really hit home. 

The latest is of course mix and matching. One look at the social feed of your favourite celeb or even local city hero and they will have the shaker kitchen but done to their taste – with a mix and match scheme. It’s smart, sleek and oozes uniqueness. 

Bebington, Wirral, Elliot

Is the shaker making a comeback? The question should be, why did it ever go out of fashion? 

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