It’s not uncommon to hear stories of how a new kitchen will add value to your home. Whether you are looking to move in a few years, a quick refurb to help sell your home or just looking at a future investment opportunity, there have been lots of stories where a bespoke kitchen refit can make all the difference to the value of the home.

The National Association for Estate Agents (NAEA) tells us, if your budget can only stretch to renovating one room, that room should be the kitchen. The average added value is 6% to your home, however there are some caveats and considerations to make before embarking on any major house work.

Some considerations
Some of the biggest considerations when you’re looking at your home is to ask the question, how much value you can actually add to your home? You will be aware of ceiling prices, this is based on your home location, the value of other properties in the area, the outlook for the regional economy and local one too and some other factors which include available land surface areas, access to amenities and motorways and so on.

The idea is simple, if your house is only worth £200,000 and you invest £20,000 into your new kitchen to look to sell the property, you will very unlikely get your value back in the short to medium term.

However another consideration is, what is the overall finish and value of your home in the current market and does all of your house fit the bill to get the best possible return.

For example, if your home is worth £500,000 is a £5,000 kitchen going to look like the kind of kitchen suitable for the value of the home? The answer is, possibly not. Likewise, you don’t need to spend £100,000 if you’re going to sell your home in the short to medium term, but a good investment to get as close to £500,000 would be needed.

Does your kitchen need a facelift?
Over the years we have been responsible for minor kitchen facelifts. These are aesthetic operations to your kitchen that will help provide the impetus for a new buyer, or better yet, think of it as a cost effective solution if you’re trying to sell the house fast and you’re looking to work to a smaller budget.

A facelift is traditionally replacing the doors on your kitchen cupboards, worktops, handles, adding a splashback or cladded wall materials such as granite or quartz.

The pros
It’s time effective; doors, handles, pelmets and light rails can be done within 48 – 72 hours.
It’s cost effective; You’re not booking for workmen time, you’re having less material installed.
It’s a great way to change the look of the kitchen; and there are no structural changes needed.

The cons
If your layout is ineffective, buyers may be put off by the works.
You are restricted to certain door styles and countertops on much older kitchens
You won’t be able to maximise potential layout than a full refit.

Again, we would advise that you consider what it is you want from your kitchen and what those conditions are, such as a quick sale. We would also advise at this point that you if you’re looking to save money, choose materials that suit your budget. The value is working with a company that understands your budget and the workmanship required to make these subtle yet beautiful changes.

You need the full monty!
There are multiple reasons why you would need the full monty, increasing your home value is of course a by-product of any work that is carried out. The full monty in our eyes, and experience over 28 years as an independent retailer in Chester is where a client needs a brand new kitchen installation along with a myriad of other requirements. These include;

Building works for extensions or knocking down adjacent walls.
Complete kitchen redesign and layouts in new spaces.
Scoping new living solutions by bringing the kitchen and living room together.

The pros
You get the kitchen you want, in the home you live in.
You develop your living space to match the rest of the home.
You center your home activity in and around your unique spaces.

The cons
It costs more to do; there are more factors at play rather than a quick fix.
It takes longer; for extensions, wiring, plumbing, flooring and so on, it takes time to organise and complete.
It’s not the ideal solution if you are looking to house flip or sell in a year.

So, what’s important?

These are big considerations and you will need to decide what it is that is important to you and the work that you will be carrying out.

The topic is however, how a kitchen adds value to your home and we’ll look at this now and hopefully provide some insights.


When it comes to design, it’s a subjective area. What we try and do through our social media platforms is give you inspiration. There are so many styles to go with and choose from, and the way that homes have developed in the last 20 years is that the kitchen has become the primary focus of the home. It was always the heart of it, but now, it’s the brains and soul. Smart devices, entertainment units, you name it, it happens in the kitchen.

Design plays a massive role in home value. Some estate agents talk about perceived value; and that’s where design has massive impact. If something is presented as high end, functional, easy to live in, then a higher price tag is sometimes an easier sell to a potential buyer.

Whilst functionality plays a vital role in design, it is also a feature in itself when you come to look at extensions and larger scale work. Island units and positioning your kitchen in different areas has a massive impact and thus, how easy it is to work in and work around has a great deal of consideration.

Again, functionality doesn’t help with necessarily adding physical value, it is perceived value, and that matters. A kitchen that looks great and works in its surroundings is always going to be more appealing than one which does not fit the bill.

Good designers, those with experience and knowledge will see opportunities to maximise the space and the kitchen triangle (sink, cooker, oven) so that your set-up screams value!

This is where a good kitchen and good kitchen company by that matter can really make the difference, materials. Solid units with solid backs (not the 5mm staples pieces), craftsmanship around the whole kitchen in the fittings and worktops that scream luxury cost more, but add more.

Unfortunately, it’s not like for like but here’s the other factor that people won’t always disclose. A well made, well designed and functional kitchen stand the test of time better than something that has been thrown together. That saying “if you pay peanuts, you get monkey’s” is more than truthful when it comes to a kitchen and if you’re trying to add something to it.

It’s all about the final product
As we’ve demonstrated, there are solutions for all sorts of situations, from quick home sales to long term investment opportunities. What really matters is, the final product.

If you have all the elements listed above as a consideration into your next kitchen fit, then you are planning for a better, greater return in the future.

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