Interior design coupled with colour schemes in the last few years have drastically changed. Visit a coffee shop in London’s Shoreditch and it won’t be any different to one you may visit in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Hipster chique has claimed the space of the coffee corner, and now our living interior style and trends.

The obsession with a nuanced version of history, reclaimed wood, bicycle seats hung to walls like an epitaph of another fallen fixie bike is turning the clocks back to a time when there was no internet, no iPhone and certainly no modern gadgetry; even the aeropress would be a non-starter. We’ve accepted that dark colours seep into our colour palette’s and we almost forgive the the Edison style lightbulbs which aren’t environmentally friendly…

But what does this have to do with picking your kitchen colour scheme, we hear you cry? Well, when you’re picking your kitchen, one of the key questions that goes through your mind is, “what colours should I go for?” It would be easy to take the nuanced decor of today’s hipster obsessed coffee shops as inspiration, but we think we could all do a little better.

Kitchen colour schemes have come a long way in the last ten years. Technology has allowed us to identify different ranges of colour, much to the point that paint matching to your favourite sock trick has even been possible; yes, that was the most hipster thing we could have possibly said.

Today’s kitchen’s have the colour range of a Jackson Pollock masterpiece, the industrial smartness of a Hemmingway quote and the ergonomic comfort of a Rolls Royce. We’re talking about the most utilised piece of furniture after your bed, but with the multi-purpose capabilities of a well fashioned Swiss Army knife.

So, kitchen colour schemes are important. They frame the look and feel of your environment and they represent a little of who you are.

We have started to see a shift away from just, white. Yes, White is still a colour that stands the test of time, and the differences between a painted door and a vinyl wrapped gloss door can be strikingly different, however, as a feature colour we have seen the kitchen colour palette in the lighter colours shift.

We have seen the shift of white to more muted colours such as, ivory and stone, impacting in kitchen colour scheme and design. The shaker Ivory kitchen is a great example of this. Of course, the possibilities to establish your unique colour scheme with woods, reclaimed or pristine new, dark greys, light greens or blue or even the halcyon design inspiration of a bearded coffee merchant, this would be a good starting point.

Lighter colours lend themselves to striking and differing palettes altogether such as this kitchen which clearly uses grey to offset the lighter colour tones. Notice the wooden tops and the use of a belfast sink to bring traditional and contemporary together.

ivory kitchen colour

Of course there are then the darker colour schemes, particularly in the grey scale which 2016 has seen take off. It used to be that light greys would resemble a clothes wash gone horribly wrong; yes, we’ve all done the forgotten sock with a delicate white top!

But now, we have grey’s worthy of Whistler, where the colour grey is seen on a spectrum, especially in kitchen design and style. From the dark greys like the logica gloss grey to the lighter fusion gloss light grey we are getting more choice and variation than we have seen before.

Like the ivory or stone colours, where you could off balance with different colours, the same could be said about the darker grey, easily. Want to achieve that Shoreditch aperitivo bar look? Throw in striking white and build textures with tiles, as perfectly demonstrated in this kitchen design below.


dark grey kitchen colour
We haven’t even begun to speak about colour schemes that may be a little bit more out there, like reds, blues, greens and even pinks but that’s best left for another day.

We can take design inspiration from lots of places, whether that happens to be your favourite coffee shop in a remote city location or something you’ve seen in a nordic noir series like The Bridge; what really matters though is, do you like it and can you see yourself living in it?

If you’re looking for inspiration, then why not give our Pinterest boards a chance to show you more about design and style from around the web. If you want to talk colour schemes and what could work in your kitchen, then why not drop us a line and let us help you make your dream kitchen come true.



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