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The kitchen is arguably the room with the most foot traffic in the house, so finding a way to keep it clean is essential, especially for families and home owners who spend even more time in the kitchen than any other living area. Kitchen design can have a massive influence on both how easy it is to keep clean to general day to day maintenance.

Stylish & simple splashbacks

One of the easiest ways to maintain a clean kitchen is to have a splashback. Over the last few years, cladded walls in the kitchen have been the rage but simple solutions such as glass splashbacks or even going back to tiles have proven to be popular in kitchen design.

Easy to wipe away stains and easier than having to constantly scrub or potential paint over walls, this design feature is manageable for every kind of kitchen owner. If you opt for a herringbone kitchen tile pattern like in our last post, then you may want to opt for a larger tile so as to minimise the amount of grout used.

Hi-Tech features that clean for you!

“What is this witchcraft that you talk of?” we hear you scream. Well, it’s true, there are appliances that self-clean, moreover, the technology available in a lot of new appliances help the cleaning process.

Opt for appliances with pyrolytic cleaning (a method that super-heats the oven to burn off residue), steam ovens that have programmes which not only clean but dry the inside of the appliance and for the coffee lovers out there, shoot for the stars with auto-cleaning that also includes milk rinse.

Handleless door fronts

One big design feature that has become even more popular for the clean enthusiast is the kitchen door and handless kitchen design. Easy to maintain, easier to wipe down and the handle area itself can be approached with a simple pull and clean the inside of the handle section.

Top clean tip: Use a wet wipe to go over the door fronts once a week. This will keep away fingerprints and any small spills.

Select the right kind of appliances

One of the big kitchen purchase questions is “what appliances am I going to have?” In kitchen design, especially design to keep things clean this does have an impact.

“Opt for electric hobs and appliances with as few knobs and handles as possible if keeping things clean is what you’re really looking for” advises Stefano. “Things like induction hobs don’t have all the support racks and individual bits that a gas hob have for example. A simple wipe down is all you need.”

Keep Open Shelving to a minimum

One major dust and grease collector is the open shelf, especially in the kitchen. Whilst it’s become a huge design feature in social media, it doesn’t make it the best solution to keep your kitchen relatively clean and fuss free. You will have to keep dusting not only the shelf but also the products you store on top.

Some kitchen designs require open shelving due to awkward sizes for units or depth reasons. Keep these to a minimum and look to have smarter storage ideas in the base units where possible.

Think about your worktops

One of the best ways to maintain a simple to clean kitchen is choosing worktops that are both; easy to wipe and have minimal joints where dust and dirt and ultimately – bacteria can fester.

Worktops such as quartz, Corian and even reclaimed steel are non porous and are extremely easy to wipe.

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