5 Cyber Monday Kitchen Gadgets Worth The Money

You’ve heard of Black Friday, and you’re probably fed up of it… we totally understand, but Cyber Monday which is, today is the thing that anyone who loves their kitchen and their kitchen gadgets is something that we can all get behind.

Over the years from raclette machines to sous vide wands, we as kitchen lovers understand that you can have a variety of gadgets that are just rather hit and miss, but now, thanks to the internet you know that you can grab a bargain and even watch YouTube videos on how they work before a purchase.

2017, what a time to be alive.

So what deals this Cyber Monday should you be looking out for to make your kitchen gadget repertoire perfect for the upcoming festivities as well as for the rest of the year. Here are some ideas.

Amazon Echo (£69.99)
The rave of last year, the Alexa tower is not something that you think would be the perfect kitchen gadget, however, you’d be surprised.

It is a radio, a timer, it makes calls, it sets calendar appointments, checks your calendar, weather, sports and basically gives you two hands to carry on cooking, cleaning and doing pretty much anything you need to do when you’re in the home. With more functions coming out, including a planned “cook-a-long” plugin which will allow you to listen to a recipe so that you can, cook-a-long this is the kind of thing that we think not only belongs in a home and kitchen, but looks pretty cool as well!

Sous Vide wand (£97.99)
Fans of Masterchef or Netflix’s The Chef’s Table will know what a Sous Vide wand does and for those that don’t know, trust us when we say that this is one of the gadgets most requested in our family home! So what is a sous vide wand? Think of it like a precise water heater that cooks your food (in a sealed bag) in a water bath to a precise temperature therefore giving you perfect results.

They don’t take up too much space and for those that love their cooking, it makes things like meats, fish and veg a joy to work with as it requires minimal effort for flavoursome dishes.

Waffle Maker (Under £30)
Waffles, if you didn’t know, are on the “Food Trends of 2018” according to many reputable sites such as Eater and Saveur. Why? The theory is, we’re sick of being told that “clean eating” is a thing, so this is the kitchen gadget to make breakfasts and dinners more fun especially with the inclusion of things like buttermilk fried chicken and the very American dish, grits.

If you love pancakes, then waffles are the next step in the kitchen repertoire, luckily the machines have developed over the last few years so that you don’t get the horrible sticking like in the past and, luckily there are so many new recipes that you can easily find multiple uses for your new inclusion of kitchen gadgets.

kitchen gadgets

Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer (£299)
So, you want to be the envy of your friends and if you have a Stefano De Blasio kitchen you’re pretty much there ;). But if you really wanted to show off then it is of course the Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer that you need in the home and if you’re lucky enough to have the space, on your worktop surface as well.

They have become statement kitchen gadgets in the home, so much so that when Kitchen Aid was replaced by Magimix in the BakeOff series there was a social media campaign to get them back as the official mixers – it worked! They’re expensive, true, but they are heavy duty mixers that last a lifetime.

Electric Corkscrew (£19.99)
We all love a good glass of wine, and yes, we know that corkscrews can be temperamental so these are the kinds of kitchen gadgets to be testing this Christmas and beyond. It’s simple and works by simply pressing a button. Ok, it takes the fun out of seeing someone’s panicked face at opening a bottle with a cork and traditional corkscrew but, at this price, it’s a cyber Monday deal you can’t pass up!

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