Kitchen design has come a long way over recent years, but if there is one thing that really has developed in terms of “want-ability” it is, the kitchen island.

Not all kitchen islands are however made equal and as we’ve discussed over numerous blog posts, we know that there are a variety of things that can make a kitchen island really stand out from the rest. The concept is however similar for all.

But what we wanted to talk to you today about the one item that can really make a difference to a kitchen island unit more than some of the modern fads that can create more headaches than what it’s worth; lighting.

Let there be light
Kitchen islands usually sit in the centre of a new kitchen design, they are specifically constructed to be the focal point of a room, but if you haven’t considered spot lighting the furniture, then it is also a waste of an area, certainly when you consider you want to showcase a major design piece in your living space.

What we want to focus on is the basics, let there be light and let it look absolutely stunning.

Start getting some ideas
So you decided that you wanted a kitchen island unit but now you’re looking at how to light the area. Research is essential and having ideas before you go to the shops, or look around online is also widely recommended.

Sites such as Pinterest or Instagram are a great place to get some inspiration. A handy tip for Instagram for example is using hashtags, and appropriate ones at best. Look out for #kitchendesign and #Kitchenisland to set you up on a journey of scrolling and to be wowed by what kinds of options are available.

Kitchen Island Light

Know your space
As previously mentioned, not all kitchen islands are the same, so what you also want to understand is the space you will have at your disposition. Smaller island units may require one larger light or a larger unit may require several. Getting an idea of total dimension will determine the size of pendant lighting, or strength of spotlight.

Finding the right kind of light
This comes down to the research you’ve already taken out, but also understanding the overall look and feel of your kitchen design. If you’ve gone for something more traditional, then you may want to consider a light fighting that matches that space. Something more modern may require a softer, and certainly more considered approach to material on the lamp shade than the previous traditional example.

Pendant lights are a great solution
We recently installed a kitchen in Bebbington where the clients chose some beautiful pendant lights to complement the look and feel of their space. By having a more traditional styled kitchen, they opted for glass pendant lights but with a faraday bulb that beautifully combined the old and new in a stunning way.

pendants bebbington

But there are lots of styles to choose from when it comes to kitchen lighting and pendants in particular.

Softer, rounded shapes provide an edge of modern living to a room, or as per the example below, something like a set of pendant lights where the bulbs are the star of the show can make all the difference to the overall look and feel of the kitchen, turning it from showpiece to show-functional. After all a kitchen is there to be used and not just stared at.


Play with colours
When you consider that a lot of lights, and light shades have different colours, even the wiring from the ceiling can be whatever colour you want nowadays, then you can start to add a little drama into the colouring of the room. If you’ve chosen more neutral colour to the kitchen, you can bring a sense of colour highlighting with wires and light shades, if you’ve gone more on the darker scale, you lighten the room (no pun intended) with white shades and or, hanging faraday bulbs on more industrial looking threads.

Finally, think about proportions
We touched upon this in the segment about knowing your room, but it’s true. Think about proportions. Something too small will look lost in the space, whilst something too big will overpower the kitchen island unit all together. What you want to do is think about how many lights you want, and how big each lampshade will make an impact into the room itself. From there you can look to create a certain look and feel that you want in your kitchen living space.

pendant island

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