So, you’ve decided you’re going to do some kitchen remodelling but don’t know where to begin. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place for that touch of inspiration and getting some ideas pieced together for your next big home project.

But what is kitchen remodelling and how does it differ to let’s say, kitchen redesign or kitchen installations? Let us take you through some of the different options and where a kitchen remodelling project can help you achieve the look you want in your home.

Kitchen remodelling v Kitchen installation v Kitchen redesign
The major difference between a remodelling project and an installation is that the later is the just the process of installing your kitchen based on your current layout or with a new one. Kitchen remodelling can be the whole project or elements of your new kitchen designed differently.

A kitchen redesign however is usually designing the kitchen differently but still based on the current dimensions of the room. Kitchen remodelling is more like a redesign but can include things such as structural work and architectural input.

The first step of any kitchen remodelling…
When you consider a kitchen remodel you want to start thinking about what kind structural work you may be undertaking, this is where kitchen remodelling comes into its own unique area.

Inputs from architects because of structural considerations such as a new area or having to place structural beams into the newly designed spaces to ensure that your house is safe to live in is essential.

Kitchen layout
Understanding how your new kitchen layout could or will be is then the next step. Is the kitchen moving space altogether or is it that you are extending in the same space, but now need a new configuration for what you are trying to achieve.

Many homes will try and bring the cooking, dining and living space into one, open plan area. This leads to lots of different layout options that can include things like a kitchen island unit or creating a unique U shaped kitchen to actually break up spaces into segments so that you can appreciate each area individually.

This design idea from House Beautiful is a great interpretation of space, functionality and what can be done with a room to build in modern living with traditional kitchen design.

kitchen remodelling

New colours
One of the great opportunities with any kitchen remodelling is getting to choose a colour or various colours for the new living space that you may not have considered.

The big design feature today is all around the dual colours between base units and wall units which, when combined beautifully can lead to some stunning results.

Colours today have become more expansive and daring like never before, but, in the same breath we are seeing kitchen designs and kitchen colours also return to lighter shades and work within the grey colour scale as well. We expect to see this kind of trend and remodelling over the next couple of years.

Worktop materials
Worktop materials are constantly changing, and even with something like granite, you can get so many variations of natural stone that you are left wondering what may work best for you and your home.

We love lots of different styles, especially the new neolith solution which we even have on display at our showroom in Waverton. It’s a beautiful composite material that comes in a variety of colours, but the real beauty is the material depth which is thin and appears to give more attention to your units and kitchen design overall.

There are lots of materials to choose from and the important thing is that they fit in with your overall look and design.

This example from House Beautiful shows how variations in colour and depth of material to make up the worktops on the top and the island unit display can really make a great feature for the new look kitchen.

white worktop

Bespoke design features
Kitchen remodelling also gives you the opportunity to experiment with bespoke kitchen design features, which of course, we can help with. But what could they be?

You could have bookshelves incorporated into your units or it could be wine racks that appear to be hidden or as in the photo below, the beauty of open planned shelves that give you space to work within but also display some of your more precious kitchen utensils and plates adding character to a unique space.

Finally, when you’re remodelling your kitchen you want to consider your appliances, but from a more practical perspective. Extensions and layout changes can mean having to move mains and water supplies, whilst cosmetic remodelling jobs may mean that you wish to incorporate under counter sinks or go for a traditional belfast sink set up.

Don’t forget integrated appliances can really change the look and feel of your kitchen space as well as building in something like a free standing American fridge freezer appliance into an overall kitchen look to bring out modern design and features to the whole room.

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