What Are The Timescales On A New Kitchen?

When people come for a new kitchen, one of the first questions they ask is, “what are the timescales on getting this completed?” It’s an important question and one we want to address in today’s blog post. 

So we are going to take you through the standard timescales of purchasing and installing a new kitchen in your home. Remember, if you’re looking for a new kitchen, why not drop us a line and make an appointment to come and visit us at our Waverton based showroom at Waverton Business Park. 

Design & Planning (Week 0 – 3) 

So, you’ve found us on the internet or through some recommendations and now you need to design your new kitchen. 

This is where Stefano will come out to visit you at your property and take measurements. From here, a conversation will take place on the things you are looking to achieve. If you are having any building work such as an extension or if you require any additional work. 

Building work is where the process can slow down a bit as you will need to include timescales here for construction elements. For the case of this example today, we are going to assume that you are replacing your existing kitchen based on the room dimensions you currently have. 

Stefano and his designers will put together a design and call you into the showroom to go through a variety of layouts and options. Amends will be made and talked through. If and once approved your timescales are calculated in the plan and your job is placed on a board of work and from here, everything will be taken care of from the office planning stage. 

How to Kitchen Plan

Materials & Finishes (Week 3 – 5) 

As we work exclusively with certain tradespeople and our material suppliers we know about availability and timescales from the get-go. Our kitchen materials work within a 5 – 6 week operating window like many good independents. 

When it comes to finishes, this is down to you but at Stefano De Blasio Kitchens & Interiors we will work with you to help you decide and put together a colour scheme that will be something you love and help you visualise the whole room. 

As soon as everything is decided materials are put to order. Worktops for example are something that you may wish to visit – we can take you to our suppliers! But everything will be ordered and processed at this point so that you can rest easy awaiting starting date.  

Timescales Material choice

Removal (Week 9 – 10) 

Usually at this point in a kitchen timescale, your kitchen will be removed. We for example will contact you before this happens and help in supplying any materials or third party elements to help with giving you some areas to prepare food, wash plates and so on. 

Dry Fit (Week 10 – 12) 

There are various terms for this part of the kitchen installation time scale however we call it, the dry fit. This is where the main installation takes place. 

Think cabinets, tall units, all the main carpentry elements as well as connecting power and lights into the agreed design as well as appliances without connecting just yet. Some kitchens require less time than others, it is dependent on the size and scale of the works required. 

During this time, if you’re having granite or quartz countertops, these will be templated with the units in situ to accurately cut the material to size and specification. 

Finish (Week 12 – 13) 

At this point you would see your worktops installed, water, gas, electric all connected, appliances firmly installed and all lights and electrics tested. At this point the final checks are made around a kitchen to ensure that everyone is happy and satisfied and to spot any snags that require attention and fixes. 

In most cases, replacement doors or panels will be a short turnaround time whilst larger items or bespoke fittings may take a few more days than standard snag items. 

As you can see there is a lot of planning that goes into a kitchen. When it comes to timescales there are lots of factors to take into consideration. From building works, flooring that may be required and sometimes, but rarely, the material selection which requires a little longer for ordering. 

We work with all of our customers to inform on time for the new kitchen and when everything will be ready to be started and completed. 

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