There is a new design trend taking shape across the country, wall units, or moreover, no wall units are becoming big business. It has long been established, even by fitted kitchen specialists like ourselves how a kitchen must have wall units of some sort but are we going to start seeing something different in the home? Are we going to start making kitchens with fewer units? We thought we’d take a look.

Kitchen shape plays a part
Some kitchens don’t do lack of wall units very well at all, others on the other hand, can lend themselves to the design element.

U shaped kitchens for example have a great natural angle to incorporate something different. A straight run down a feature wall to then angle correctly alongside another wall and continue past either the sink or cooker area is something that, with the right kitchen colour and style can look particularly stunning.

This example below is a great way of doing this look. The combination of colours and materials lend themselves to this design and shape.

Straight run kitchens, ones where there is a design trend today of filling with tall cabinets and zero preparation space can also be a good host of shelving over wall units.

What this allows you to do is consider the counter and workspace involved in the kitchen design to provide more function (which we’re fans of) and make you use the counter space in the best way. Lack of wall units here can be easier to also incorporate with nice runs of shelving or left plain.

The example below shows how you can maximise the space with the lack of wall units whilst, adding things like above counter appliances and turning the shelves into a funky design feature on their own.

Play up the contrasts and design
As with the example above, the design features of the kitchen, walnut veneer and white marble top is accentuated with the two shelves. They don’t take away from the design of the base units and add something different to the room.

The lack of wall units also means that you can be more respecting of certain architectural features. Things like stone walls in old cottages or wrought iron in converted lofts make for attracting the eye to the specific areas something you may want to be focusing on. Wall units generally hide these features but by making something of them as the actual attraction, you add another dimension to your kitchen.

You keep the space airy and fresh
Two of the words that you wouldn’t expect to hear from us, but there are some advantages of no wall units and one of these is, how it keeps the room airy and fresh.

Wall units also suck up a lot of light. It’s why tall bank units are sometimes not the best design idea, especially if your room is struggling with natural light. We’ve seen many do this in their house and had to compensate with lots of different lighting to make due.

Blank walls allow the light travel better and reflect off surfaces with greater ease. Walls which have light or pale colour schemes would also benefit in keeping that space airy and fresh.

Don’t forget there are some disadvantages
Yes, there are and you mustn’t forget that a lack of wall units means that you need to think of storage in different ways. The lack of functional storage space means that you need to alter some of the ways that you do store items. Things like cups and plates may have to go into base units or alternatively on shelving, it’s then a case of making sure the shelving is deep enough and sturdy enough to take weight.

There are other storage solutions you will need to think of but check back later this week for some alternative ideas.

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