Forget the Beast From The East, never mind Storm Emma and let’s not even get started about #snowmaggedon; yes the weather has been less the pleasing and we turn to spring, moreover, we’re at the beginning of March and we are all desperately looking for that warmer weather and lighter days. They seem to be coming.

And at the start of the month we like to talk to you about the kinds of things you can start making in the kitchen and enjoying with your friends and family.

So with the weather making that important turn, the days getting longer – finally – and people getting more creative in the kitchen, here are just some ideas as to what to enjoy this March time.

What should we be eating this March?
Potatoes are a huge hit for this time of the year and they are so versatile and easy to cook it would be criminal to keep these away from your March Supper Club offerings. World famous chef and James Beard Humanitarian of the Year award winner even said of the ingredient, “If you have some potatoes, green beans and cauliflower, you have a heck of a dish that can feed an entire family.”

Leeks, kale, parsnips and purple sprouting broccoli all make the month in terms of ingredients and yes, there is some great carry over from February as well which includes a great selection of shellfish and still available, game reared meats like venison.

Bananas by the way, this is the time of year that they are grown, so watch out for one of our favourite desserts as well.

Like we said at the start, this is the time to be getting experimental in the kitchen so here is a great starter or main that you can try and will impress guests as well as family; Coriander & Beer Mussels. Who’d have thought you could combine beer with mussels so brilliantly in the cooking process? Well, we didn’t until we tried this recipe and we loved it. (We had to halve the corriander though.)

As we are also celebrating national pie week, (more to follow) we want to talk to you about this amazing recipe from the people at Delicious magazine; kale, chestnut and mushroom pie. It may be the only way we can get some people to eat kale to be honest and if you wanted to add something to it for the non vegetarian types, then chicken is perfect in this dish as well.

We think that the greatest potato dish that you can make at home is an Italian one and it is, of course, gnocchi. Now, they are easy to make after a few attempts so you may want to practice before trying for the first time and here is a simple recipe for those looking to try this at their March supper club home challenge.

But, what goes with gnocchi you ask? Lots of things, you need to remember that gnocchi, if done right are a light dish that gets heavier when you add sauces to them. A great springtime gnocchi dish to try is this, gnocchi al pesto. Pesto has so much flavour and is great for vegetarians if you can pick up the vegetarian parmesan available across most stores.

March gnocchi pesto

If you want to show off in the kitchen is there any better dish than a soufflé? Probably not and we think that this combination is one of the best… ever! Hot banana soufflés with caramelised rum bananas is the sure fire way to get a standing ovation as well as get remembered for perfect caramel skills if you can master this.

You could take this recipe for pear and banana granola crumble and adjust to more season fruits such as, rhubarb to take it to flavour overload in a dessert dish.

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