The supper club is back, and March sees in the start of Spring, lighter mornings and evenings and the run up to an early Easter. With the days getting warmer, it’s also time to start planting some vegetables in your garden or allotments, and reap the rewards later in the year.

For those more inclined on buying and eating seasonally however, here is our guide to the March Supper Club. This March we will also be holding a supper club at our showroom in Waverton, Chester, look out for further details and times.

The wine segments went down a treat recently so we thought we would continue with giving you some inspired choices to go with your meal.

What is on the menu this month? Here is our March Supper Club guide.

What should we be eating this March?
Yet again, there is carry over, this time from February with some nice additions to the food bank that we can all start enjoying in different ways. The big change this month is that potatoes are on the menu. World famous chef, Jose Andres once famously quipped, “If you have some potatoes, green beans and cauliflower, you have a heck of a dish that can feed an entire family.” Of course, we are probably a little more Dolly Parton when it comes the vice of potatoes… “Every single diet I ever fell off of was because of potatoes and gravy of some sort.”

OK, so aside from potatoes, what else should we be aiming for? Purple sprouting broccoli is in full season and bloom, leeks, kale and parsnips are awaiting some tender loving care and if you thought bananas were year round, then you’d be amazed to know that actually they are seasonally grown, we just happen to have them all year round in the UK.

Shellfish is still prime at this time of the year. You will have heard of, or possibly tried potted crab before but this little twist from delicious magazine is, well, delicious. The spice adds a nice bit of flavour and compliments the fish perfectly, whilst the serving of nicely toasted bread (we used sourdough) was a welcome addition to a grand meal. For this dish, we would pair this fantastic sweet riesling, Dr Loosen Slate Hill Riesling from Majestic wines; not your standard dry variety and perfect with asian inspired dishes.

If you were looking for something a little lighter, crostini are the way to go. Another dish from Delicious magazine really hits the nail on the head with the use of goats cheese and you could use something like fresh vegetables, even kale or sprouting broccoli, in small quantities to add a flavourful topping. This Sauvignon blanc is a great accompaniment with the dish and adds that little bit of zing from the lemon notes; this is also perfect for fish dishes. 

potted crab

We wanted to celebrate the potato the most in this section. We think one of the greatest Italian dishes is, gnocchi. Light, fluffy and they are a simple, no fuss dish to make from scratch. They go with a range of sauces and take literally minutes to cook, and about 20 minutes to make from scratch… well, after a bit of practice. So what gnocchi dish should you be cooking this month? There is a simple tomato based recipe gnocchi on the BBC that we think everyone should try, if anything, it will give you the basics of how to make them from scratch.

But if you wanted to push the boat out, start thinking of flavours that incorporate cavolo nero (in season), leeks, peas, sprouting greens – although they could still be a little young, good quality basil or go the opposite way on the flavour scale and hit the bigger flavours with meats like lamb, venison and beef. A little less seasonal in that regards but the potato is king here.

The first dish is a pesto and pea gnocchi with pine nuts. This is a light, fresh recipe that will stand out in any meal. Here you need something is crisp and will off balance the sharpness that basil can have, so we would say a good Fiano from Avellino, Sauvignon Blanc would be a good selection but this choice from piedmont is spot on, Gavi La Toledana.

The second is a lamb ragu recipe; many see lamb as a spring dish however it is more than that. It’s a great meat and this variety with cannellini beans is a nice addition to ragu based dishes. Here you want a nice wine that can cut through the full flavours and fattiness that lamb can have. A typical, old style lambrusco is precisely where you want to go with this dish, however something dry, sparkling and even rose works very well. Try this selection from France… we know, we know. L’Extra par Langlois Rosé NV Crémant de Loire. It is produced the same way as champagne which means that the dryness will be a particular benefit to this full bodied dish.

Rhubarb is still in season, therefore this beautiful tart is the way to go, plus who doesn’t love a bit of latice work.

But for the adventurous folk out there, the skiers, the ones who love to combine memories with exotic foods this dish is the one you’re looking for; Kaiserschmarrn. A delicious, pancake mess made with schnapps, raisins and pure wholehearted goodness. Dessert wines can be hard here, so why not serve this dish with some of the liquor used to make this dish. That would be perfect.


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