When it comes to choosing your kitchen colour, who said that one was all you could have? Two Tone kitchens have been a look for quite some time but now, they are also a major design feature and we wanted to share with you some great ideas and tips to making it something truly unique in your home.

Why go for a two tone kitchen design?
A dual or “two tone” design offers can offer lots of advantages, but one of the principal arguments for such a kitchen combination is that you get to add a different style to the house. Think about feature walls, it’s a similar principle but in your kitchen space which can be the stand out element you may want to achieve.

Designers thus, over the years have come to the conclusion that this is something that should be used to a design advantage. Rooms can be broken up in colours, tones and even door styles if done correctly – although we would always advise to keep the same door style for keeping a uniform look in the room.

The shift has been island units
Island units in the kitchen have become more common place over the years, this is because the design limitations that were originally there have been disappearing with new building regulations and the fact that homes built in the 1970s and early 80s are now undergoing internal restructuring and building work like at no other time in recent history. This means that the kitchen which was usually boxed off or combined with a small dining room is expanding into a larger, living area.

The island unit thus, is a design feature and people want to showcase these features in their own way.

“Some designers will push for a utility area to be incorporated but that isn’t always possible.” Stefano De Blasio. “What people need to consider is that moving any water, gas or electricity supply to the island can do two things – disrupt the flow of kitchen style especially if you’re shrinking the unit to fit a hob or sink and the associated cost of moving utilities to that area in the first place.”

You’re talking thousands to move gas, electric and water lines into the centre of room/area, and if you’re following the Magic Triangle of kitchen design, it’s not necessary.

So yes, the island unit is a design feature and a two tone colour can make it stand out, like this new shaker style door we exclusively hold. Handleless design with a fantastic two tone approach.

Savoy Limestone & Anthracite Two Tone colours

All rooms can have two tone though
Just because your room doesn’t have an island unit doesn’t mean that you can’t have a two tone kitchen.

Gallery kitchens to single wall designs can beautifully feature the two colour aspect. “Whether it is base units to wall units, or if you have a large housing unit for your oven or fridge areas, combining the two colours can make your home kitchen stand out in different ways.”

Think about total interior design
We mentioned how having two colours can make the area stand out, well it also has to compliment your whole interior space. “The kitchen has usually been neutral in colour tone. Certainly the Scandinavian look over the last few years has resonated and thus the white walls and wooden/amtico flooring has had an impact as well.”

Two tone kitchens can compliment a fresh, clean look throughout the whole area and still break up the monotony of a single colour scheme interior design.

Our top tips when it comes to two tone kitchen designs

Think about the size of your kitchen and what you want to achieve with colour mixes. Smaller kitchens work well with lighter colours, but base units could be the contrast colour that will help you successfully plan a two tone design.

Dark base units work best for this style but think about breaking elements of your kitchen into areas. Housing units for larger electrical items like your fridge and ovens would be a stand out feature.

Think about lighting in the room. To bring out the best in both colours, go for softer lights and pendant lights to bring in “eye texture” to the room as well.

Choose either subtle colour differences or bold varieties. Both work in different ways, the more subtle, the more light you need to generate in the room, the more bold, the more space you require to make it stand out.

Check out our latest pinterest board for two tone inspiration or drop us a line if you are looking for a two tone kitchen in your home.

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