Finally, we’ve hit May and the sun is beginning to shine, the food is getting brighter and we can enjoy a classic gin and tonic in the garden.

But the big May time question is what kind of food menu can we be enjoying? Well there is lots to choose from this month, and we are entering that exciting period of getting more flavours, more home grown fruit and vegetables on our plates and in our mouths; could it be any better?

So what can be cooking this May? Here are some ideas. (Wine tips included!)

What kinds of ingredients can we find on the menu?
We couldn’t be happier as May is the time that we really have the best crop of asparagus dishes as well as chicory, new potatoes and some delightful shellfish like crab and a particular favourite sardines all making their way onto the plates of the seasonal eater.

One of the most impressive ingredients in the May dining repertoire is asparagus. It’s full of flavour, vitamins and perhaps personifies the wonderful time of year it is. So what can you do with this stem vegetable as a starter? Lots! One of our favourites from a few years ago, and one sure to make the plate this year will be griddled asparagus with sauce gribiche on toast. It’s punchy on flavour but a true delight; the homemade mayo with capers and cornichons raises the flavour game immensely.

Our wine selection is then two fold. You have the mayo-vinaigrette which would lend itself to a chablis or you could go with a pinot noir for the char grill flavour and taste.

Crab is the king of the main dish this May, you want to go for the fresh variety rather than the frozen produce and they farm great crabs in the north west as well as in Scotland; it is a seasonal fish meat that you want to get your hands on when you can.

We love crab in pasta as it is not like slapping on a chicken breast – which you must never do! It is delicate and meaty and has the potential to be manipulated with other flavours like lemon and garlic or even chilli’s. This is why this spicy crab, chilli and lemon pasta is a must do this May. If you wanted to pair this dish with a wine, you can’t be faulted for a new world pinot gris, a combination made in heaven!

If you were to go for something a little less conventional say, a nice, wholesome salad, then you get to bring in chicory, radishes and new potatoes to the mix. This wonderful dish, beef tagliata with potato, rocket and parmesan salad is the dish you want to try. This goes perfect with a cabernet sauvignon or an oaky chardonnay.

As for desserts, you may think that there isn’t a lot you can have on the menu, however, rhubarb is still great at this time of the year and the Yorkshire variety in particular is one you want to look out for.

With this in mind, we have found just the dessert; rhubarb and custard crumbles. They are a great addition and remain light and fresh. If however you wanted to go on the sweeter, yet spicy side then this honey pannacotta with ginger-poached rhubarb is the dish for you.

Enjoy your May Supper Club feast, let us know what you make and what you had to drink with it, we’d love to hear from you!

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