When a customer who has been happy with their kitchen, one you fitted nearly 16 years ago in beautiful Bramhall village, comes to your showroom for a new one; you are presented with a unique and inspiring challenge.

16 years ago, our customer from Bramhall, Cheshire visited our offices looking for a contemporary wood painted kitchen the brief then, something that a young family could enjoy, easy maintenance and built to last. 16 years later, the kids have moved out, the kitchen in excellent condition even after the usual wear and tear but something needed updating; in the end, a whole new project for the second phase of home living for this family home.

“Having known the customers for a long period of time before their initial kitchen and ever since, we know that style and function had to be a priority” said Stefano. “With the needs of the customer changing over the last number of years, we had to build around their day to day needs which were different from their original kitchen.”

Getting the colour for the new kitchen was right. “Here, our customers really took the mantle by having a clear identity on colour schemes. They are very tuned in to current styles and colour palettes and wanted a fresh and modern approach to their new kitchen.”

The fusion gloss kitchen gave them the overall look and feel. As our customer put it, “we wanted clean lines around the room, and not have the thought of what handle works best with what. Simplicity was key in the brief and Stefano delivered.”


As with most handleless kitchens, the overall effect is symmetry across the different areas of the living space. In this design we didn’t want to lose vital areas with MDF box panelling on units; we wanted the kitchen to flow and feel integral to the rest of the living areas. By incorporating curved finishes and a wonderful shadow oak used as a contrast for both worktop and wall panelling, we achieved the colour palette request of the customer and brought elements of the home into the kitchen to keep on with that seamless finish.

A few small details

One of the key areas was bringing design elements around the room to fit together with the larger design for the rest of the living space. One of the small details that we considered was the panelling that happened on the window area and running up the wall next to the tambour unit. This really brought together the finish across the kitchen as well as the the side panelling to match the design across the kitchen area.


Where to eat
One of the key elements was having a dining space in the kitchen after the table was removed. However, maintaining the overall look had to be right. That’s where Stefano and the client came together with the idea of bringing the worktop material as an inbuilt dining table that flows with the other parts of the kitchen beautifully.

bramhall dining table

Handleless design triumphant
The handleless design in this kitchen is the star of the show. By creating a natural flow across the two areas of the kitchen you get one amazing living space.


Customer feedback
Stefano really hit the brief. It helps that their is a personal relationship and he understands what it is we love and wanted to see but that can come with added pressure sometimes; that wasn’t a problem. As ever though, he delivered us a truly wonderful kitchen that is modern, clean and feels fresh. We can see ourselves spending even more time in here than when we had our first one all those years ago! We know with a Stefano De Blasio kitchen, they’re built to last.”

wood panelling bramhall


wide pantry bramhall



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