Ever since supper clubs found fame on Channel 4’s, Come Dine With Me, viewers have been treated to a hodgepodge of food mixes, dinner time bickering and bizarre after meal entertainment. Of course, that’s not what supper clubs are or should be about. We are living in the halcyon days of inspired kitchen cooking, and the supper club forms part of that.

James Ramsden said of the original supper clubs “were about rebellion” If you think back to America’s prohibition, they had speakeasies, Cuba had paladares; families that cooked meals and then sold them to the public, in their front room. Could you imagine someone walking into your home asking for a starter and main whilst Coronation Street blair’s out in the background?

Well, the supper clubs of today, revived as ever in London, were an uprising to the extortionate amount the average punter was paying for a simple salad; £26 to be precise.

Cooks like Sabrina Ghayour and Rachel Koo have found fame and an outlet for their passion with the humble supper club. Unlike the fads of clean eating, this is about inspired kitchen dining, eating of the season, having a theme that ties in passion, taste and pleasure, at a small cost. Whether you seat 4 or 14 it doesn’t matter, what matters is the experience and trying something a little different and prepared properly.

What foods should you be eating this November?
If you wanted to go for the real supper club inspiration then, you need to know what is in season this November. Ingredients such as clams, cranberries, jerusalem artichokes, kale, squash, crab, apples, mackerel and mussels form part of the vast pantry you can enjoy. And yes, you can be inspired to make many a great dish with just a few basic ingredients.

vongole supper club

What’s for starters?
We love the taste of beetroot, and our kitchen has this nearly year round; but the homegrown stuff is just perfect especially this time of the year. A warm beetroot, goats cheese and pine nut salad.

We tried this recipe from the Food Network last year and absolutely fell in love with it straight away. It’s a simple dish, constructed easily and a bit of patience, but the end result is spectacular. We were once told by a chef that the key is understanding the ingredients and how they cook with your appliances; we of course use our NEFF ones, and the results were amazing.

It’s all in the mains
Chef Antonia who recently visited Stefano and the showroom made Spaghetti Vongole as a treat; well, this November, with clams back on the menu, it’s one you just don’t want to miss. It is the quintessential Italian dish where both Venice and Naples, two cities divided by over 900km’s argue who’s is best.

For arguments sake, let’s say somewhere in the middle. Chef Antonia highly recommends Jamie Oliver’s version based on the ingredients you can get in the UK and thinks his style of cooking Italian food is “as good as you will find any Italian chef prepare.”

Dessert time
November is the season that those who have apple trees at home enjoy the most because now is the time you can start collecting the ripened fruit and make, apple pie.

apple pie supper club

Apple pie is so English there are even societies dedicated to preserving its origins! Spectacular! Well this recipe from a Mary, but Henry, not Berry, is the one you should be making. It’s simple and oh so lovely!

Being inspired in the kitchen can mean cooking your favourite dish to even starting your own little supper club. We at Stefano De Blasio Kitchens & Interiors want you to be inspired in the kitchen this November, what’s cooking in your kitchen this month?

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