We’re well into October now and we’re sorry for the delay; we’ve been busy getting ready for a nice surprise for you all – all will be revealed soon enough. Our Supper Club has proven to be too big to leave to the side so we can only apologise and hopefully you can forgive us.

The kitchen, and home cooking is all about Autumn for us. It can really set you up for the rest of the year and certainly, now is the time when people start practicing for those dinner parties in preparation for that dreaded “C” word.

October then is your big trial month and with the seasonal ingredients that are on show now, you can make some truly outstanding dishes that you can carry into the next few months with some wonderful twists and turns to compliment seasonal variety.

The Kitchen is also the showcase for not only dining but also for living. With more and more people having integrated living solutions in their kitchen areas and designs, it is worth thinking about what will inspire your cooking choices as well as what complements your lifestyle; we are after all, more than a kitchen company, we want to bring cooks and communities together through food.

What are the ingredients on the menu?
October is all about strong flavours and even stronger food identity in the menus that you prepare. Vegetables that were sown earlier in the year, like potatoes and beetroot are now being dug up and can be found fresh in supermarket aisles and on your plate.

Fish like mackerel sees a lovely welcome return for those essential heart healthy oils and October is the month to welcome mussels back to your plate. They are full of protein and zinc as well as lots of good micronutrients that can help stave off colds.

Apples, cabbage, chicory and lamb are even at the right period of the year to be consumed; October is one of our favourite months in the harvest season and it’s no surprise when you look at the ingredient selections we’ve gone through.

What’s for starters?
Carrots are popular at this time of the year and can be amazing starters by themselves as well as a fantastic and tasty side dish. We wanted to champion the wonderful flavours and we were looking for a dish that you could that with. Our first thoughts were something like a fritter, luckily Delicious magazine has just that. Carrot, sweet potato and feta fritters are just that, they could be a light meal if you really wanted, the key is the size but they pack a great taste and flavour for something so different yet easy to make.

The other option was working with asian flavours, in this case we found
Carrot, onion and spinach bhajis which if you made smaller sizes and also as batches can be frozen and reheated for a later date in case you were ever searching for a different flavour profile all together; add a bit of mango chutney and you have the ultimate dipping food.

Incase you were wondering about other vegetables as a starter, then the humble yet wonderful aubergine is the one for you. This Crispy aubergines with lentil tabbouleh and yogurt dressing is perfect for a light starter or even side salad, whilst something like Miso-Glazed Aubergines are a beautifully simple and elegant way to plate your vegetables.

We are going to champion two wonderful ingredients, lamb and mussels. You will rarely ever find them on the same dish, thank goodness, but they are the things that we should be eating this autumn. Not only are there some really good health benefits (as previously explained) but when you have a seasonal ingredients like these you want to make the most of them.

For our mussel extravaganza, we wanted to highlight two dishes that are tasty and quick. The first is moules marinére, a classic French dish that is packed with loads of flavour and you will never tire of eating; it’s only four ingredients and takes 10 minutes maximum. The second is Cockle and mussel chowder with sweet potato and spring onions takes a little longer than 10 minutes (40 in total) but is a classic hearty dish that you and the family can sit around and enjoy. It’s delicious.

Our lamb selections are inspired by the slow cooking methodology that every kitchen needs in it’s repertoire, and that we see more people turn to in October. Our first choice is then, Slow-cooked shoulder of lamb with chilli jam and rosemary which packs flavour and style and you really don’t have to do much apart from sit back and wait. The second selection, much like the first is a sit back and wait, but with a longer approach beforehand and requires some planning, especially with the amount of ingredients. Spiced leg of lamb with lemon-roast potatoes is a showstopper so, treat it right!

October Supper Club
And finally for desserts, well you have a few choices. Now is a great time to start adding chocolate into your cooking repertoire, then again, when is chocolate ever a bad idea? Never. Pears, plums, chestnuts and apples are all in season and require a degree of thought, but you have your standard crumble’s to work with but we thought, let’s give you something different this october.

Our first stab is this beautiful spiced apple sauce cake. It just looks amazing. Our second apple based dessert is Caramel apple and boozy sultana tatin which is taking Tarte-tatin to a different level all together.

Our plum selection is one that is for sure going to make you salivate on first sight, Elderfower syllabub pavlova it looks truly amazing and the style can be done with pears and apples as well as plum so it is a versatile looking dessert to keep you entertained.

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