We’ve been locked away for over a year and with the UK finally reopening, we know just how desperate you are to reimagine your home and one of the starting places is a brand new kitchen! Yes, we’ve all caught the bug of redecorating and turning our homes into something extraordinary. 

According to reports, we spent nearly £16 billion on our gardens last year compared to the £7.5 billion spent renovating our interior style. This trend is about to shift however to more improvements in the home and one of the biggest starting points is, the kitchen. 

Yes, the kitchen is high on the list for those looking to get a fresh makeover in their living space with island units, breakfast bars and granite worktops being the biggest trending topics in Google Trends in the last quarter.

So, if you needed an excuse – you don’t – to buy a new kitchen, or convince yourself that you do need one, then enjoy some of the reasons we have laid out for convincing yourself that you do! 

1) Home Improvements 

Of course, one of the biggest reasons to buy a new kitchen is simply because you need or want to. It may be that the kitchen is in a state of disrepair or that you want to change styles (more on that later), but most of all, you are just in the mood for a new kitchen. 

Unlike new clothes or a gadget, kitchens are obviously more expensive and when you’re choosing quality craftsmanship the cost does naturally go up. But home improvements should be done with professionals who know what they’re doing – when it’s not pure aesthetic fixes. 

From layouts to cabinet quality, worktop materials and even your appliances, your new kitchen should be something that you treasure and want to spend time in. This is one home improvement that you won’t regret undertaking with the right team involved. 

2) Moving Home?

It seems counter-intuitive but if you want to move home, getting a new kitchen is one of the best ways to increase the value of your property. There are varying percentages that different mortgage lenders have thrown about in recent years but the Nationwide approximates that you can add anywhere between 5% to 15% with an average 8% increase in 2019. 

Of course, there are other factors to be aware of. If your home is worth £300,000 and you spend £30,000 on a new kitchen to then sell your property – it’s an inefficient use of your money. You will be £6,000 worse off if you achieved an 8% increase in your home value. 

So keeping to the basics such as new doors, worktops and even changing a bit of the layout would be an efficient way to maximise your money, or make the investment to increase the value of your home over the next three to five years – when the market inevitably will increase. 

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3) You’ve just moved home 

Or maybe, you’ve just moved into a new home and guess what, the kitchen needs to be renovated! Well a new kitchen is one of the best places to start – especially if you are working your way through the house on painting, decorating and turning your house into a home. 

Buying a new kitchen is one of the biggest decisions you will make when turning your living space into something truly exceptional. You will be getting inspired with Pinterest boards, magazine cut outs and even your friends homes with their beautiful kitchens and thinking, “how could I do that?” 

Start by going to a kitchen company that cares! That means that there aren’t sales based commissions but one that understands the importance of balancing quality materials and craftsmanship with a price point that reflects all of the above. Choosing bespoke units and cabinet making features cost money but are worth their value when done correctly. 

Also, ask to see previous work and what could be achieved with a unique design that they can come up with. For example, Stefano and his team get to understand what you want in your kitchen and importantly – what is possible! From there a design is created with you in mind and on what styles, finishes and what you can expect in terms of craftsmanship from previous work is exhibited. 

4) Create A Unique Living Experience

Having a new kitchen can also be about creating that unique living experience we all crave. From the open plan social areas which incorporate living, dining and even outdoor spaces to having something smaller but equally, a dinner party central area, a kitchen can be the catalyst to creating that new living experience. 

A new kitchen gives you the opportunity to host, create and have fun all in one space and importantly – enjoy it. From combining the latest in technology to stunning tops, wood painted doors, handle-less or traditional, you have every opportunity to create something that is unique to you and your tastes. 

5) A Change of Style

One of the most exciting things about getting a new kitchen is that you finally get to change the style of the kitchen you have either had for many many years or adopted in a new home. 

There are so many different styles and selections to choose from nowadays that may seem foreign to you but, a new kitchen gives you the opportunity to explore these options. We have seen lots of different trends happening over the last few years which include things like, two tone designs, island units with undermount sinks and hobs, handleless and the list goes on. 

Creating a new style is about exploring the many different options that are available and seeing what each will look like in your home. Things like natural or artificial light, access to other rooms and even the kind of cooking you do all has an impact on the style of kitchen you go for. 

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