It’s pretty safe to say, what a year 2020 has been. Admittedly, half of our best laid plans have taken a back seat but we would like to take a moment to thank all of our customers who have supported us at this time. 

This September we were going to start our cooking demonstrations but that is taking a small break until we are safe and sound. In the meantime, we thought we would bring back a shorter version of our much loved supper clubs. 

This September we are seeing lots of new produce on our shelves and as we have always said, kitchens are for cooking in, not just looking like showroom pieces! That’s why we champion local produce and buying from farm shops and independents where possible. There really is a difference in taste!

So, what’s on the menu today? Let’s take a look. 


September brings about a few changes to the pantry and list of seasonal vegetables as it falls on a seasonal change. One of the big ingredients over the last month and a half has been sweetcorn. 

For those who love the taste of this vegetable, this is the dish for you. Spicy sweetcorn soup with crispy pancetta. It combines what can be a pretty ordinary flavour with saltiness and spice and because corn is in season, you can find lots from local village shops and in the supermarkets. 

Of course, September also marks the return of clams and mussels on the menu. This New England baked clam chowder is a great alternative. Head over to Hoole fish market and grab some to try out this fantastic recipe. 


For those of you who love pasta, fennel and sausage, then your herb and vegetable garden will be thanking you for the use of all of this wonderful root vegetable. Fennel is in season but what gets overlooked is the leafy root on the top. Be sure to pick it off and use it in this great pasta dish from Delicious Magazine

Pappardelle are also a really fun pasta to make at home, it’s like tagliatelle but wider. That’s essentially the difference. If you want to learn more about making fresh pasta then why not try this recipe from Tasty. (Our only tip is, use 00 flour and not all purpose!) 

If you were wanting to use more bolder flavours, then towards the end of the month, why not grab some pumpkin and try this great dish. Mexican chicken and pumpkin with pepita pesto. A flavourful and easy to do dish that needs just a little bit of care before putting into the oven. 

September 2020 Pasta Club


We think September is a great month for desserts. There are lots of bushes bursting with fruit this time of the year and nothing screams of end of summer more than blackberry’s! They pop and are full of flavour. 

This blackberry sorbet is a joy to eat, let alone make. Slightly easier (we think) than making ice cream, it is fresh and full of flavour. A great way to use any foraged blackberries and even damsons that you find at this time of the year. 

But if there is one fruit that we can easily get hold of, especially from our garden’s and neighbour’s gardens… it’s the apple! From humble crumbles to something more spice laced like this apple and ginger variation

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